Wineweek 93: Fall Buzz

Stockholm has woken up from its summer hibernation. The city is buzzing with people and restaurants are open again. Luckily the weather still reminds of summer. I am not that sensitive to fall coming though. Fall means Cavatast; fall means my birthday; and fall means that winter vacation is closer. Yes! We have booked a long trip to Asia again. Bangkok and Singapore, here we come. I should publish some pictures from last year to remissness.  This weekend I have encountered some technical problems. Yesterday I tried to publish a post, but just ended up spending hours cursing the internet. It happens, I know. But I still let it get to me. Had to calm the nerves down with some wine.

This week is a bit boring from a wine perspective. Although, our wine cellar, Magnusson, did finally open up again. We were there on Friday having some well deserved bubbly and a nice nature Sauvignon Blanc from Nicolas Joly with M1. Joly is s a well known French winegrower in the Loire region – a pioneer and one of leading personalities of the biodynamic wine movement. We also opened a bottle of Pere Mata Gran Reserva that we brought back from Barcelona last year. We are trying to empty the cava shelf as we know we will be bringing back a new batch in a two months time. Perhaps we have been drinking too much champagne as I recall the Pere Mata tasting much more intense last year. It is funny how wine tastes different depending on where you are. It was still very good – fresh with notes of brioche and apricots, but falling a bit flat in the end.

Otherwise the weekend has been spent walking around town taking photos. Also my favorite cafe opened up again. AB Cafe at Telefonplan has the best breakfast in town and they brew a killer Kenyan coffee from Drop. Its a bit out of the way, but so worth it. Just look at that avocado and chili sandwich and soft boiled egg.

Have a great week you all!

xx Soile

Pere Mata Cava from last years Cavatast
Books for sale at the Stockholm Culture festival
At Cafe Orion
At the Gate to the Old Town
From Orion with love
Dutch chocolates
Nature Sauvignon Blanc from Nicolas Joly
Pouring wine
Francoise Bedel Vin du Secret
At AB Cafe
Breakfast of champions
Kenyan coffee at AB Cafe
Magnusson Fine wine is open again

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