Perhaps the Best Wine Bar in Copenhagen

It is a warm and sunny August afternoon an I am strolling down towards the canals in central Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. I am not wandering aimlessly. I have a destination. It is Ved Stranden 10, perhaps the best wine bar I know. At least the best wine bar I know in Copenhagen. Ved Stranden is also a wine shop, so if you like what you drink, you can buy a bottle to take home. I wish this kind of concept was possible in Sweden.

Ved Stranden 10 is located on the canal in a corner of an old building. The address is actually Ved Stranden 10, so it is easy to find. Despite the discreet look the wine bar is not a secret. The whole street is flooding with people sitting on the extended terrace sipping wine. The sun is still up, so people have chosen the outside. I venture in as I plan on sitting on a proper table and writing.

This place is filled with memories. I was here for the first time together with M quite soon after the birth of our daughter, cradling her in my arms and eating charcuterie at the bar. So early in the day it is very family friendly. Afterwards we bought a bottle of Vouette & Sorbee, picked up burgers and watched a movie in our hotel room. Perfect! We have also been at Ved Stranden several times after. There is always an interesting champagne by the glass as well as some other funky stuff, like unfiltered nature wines and rare gems from eastern Europe. Focus is on small producers and products that represent their terroir and heritage. Mondays Ved Stranden also serves (proper) food. A dish of the day is available from 18:00 onwards and is prepared by visiting chefs. The cost for a plate is only 100kr, so it is a real bargain. Be there early though as it is served only as long as it lasts. At other times there is charcuterie and small plates available. Staff is super friendly  and the venue is charming.

This week I went to the bar alone, hoping to be able to write about wine while having wine. I don’t know about the quality of the writing but the experience was great. Again! This time, the champagne by the glass was from Emmanuel Brochet, a grower producer mainly known for his 100% Meunier (omnomnom). I tried the Brochet Le Mont Benoit Extra Brut: a mix of the three main grapes and almost non-dosage (only 4g of sugar). Extremely toasty on the nose; elegant and delicate on the palate. A very enjoyable champagne. If it was not for mid-week and work the next day, I would have had more than one glass.

Ved Stranden 10, I am so happy that you exist!

xx Soile

The terrace at Ved Stranden

Brochet champagne by the glass

Inside Ved Stranden

A legacy of wine

What better place to write a post

Zalto glasses. My favorite!

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