Wineweek 94: A Walk in Copenhagen

This week has reminded me that there is still some summer left. Perhaps just a few more days, but nevertheless, temperatures have hiked up to 25C. The mornings have been crisp though, so every day I have dressed up like its ten degrees colder. A bit annoying actually. Just look at the pictures below, everybody (else) is wearing shorts. I spent a few days in Copehangen this week, as you can probably tell based on the topic. I was there for business but had time to walk around the center and visit some of my favorite places: the Torvehallene market, Coffee Collective and Ved Stranden 10 wine bar. 

What I really like about Copenhagen is that it is quite compact. You can reach many nice places by walking. And I like walking! It is also very nautical like Stockholm, so I feel at home. Denmark is more open in its regulations towards alcohol, so a license to serve and sell is easier to acquire. You can see many people enjoying wine and beer loosely set up terraces, and the bars can also sell bottles to take home. Ved Stranden 10 for example is a wine bar, importer and shop, so if you like the wine you are drinking, you can buy a bottle to take home. For a normal shop price might I add. We have found some really great champagne bottles there that are hard to come by in Sweden (we would have to do private import).

I should perhaps do a whole separate post about Torvehallene, which is a type of farmers market in the city center (Norreport). They have many small and cute places to eat and have drinks as well as specialty stores for foods. The prices are high-ish as the market is a bit touristy, but quality is good. If you are interested in Danish products, like Mikkeller beer, Coffee Collective beans or local chocolates, Torvehallene is the place to go. Its also a good place for a casual dinner when travelling alone. I had a steak sandwich and glass of Jean Vesselle extra brut at le Petit wine bar. Good quality and good service, perfect for a quick bite.

This weekend we have had a lot of nice wines, but I will save the pictures and reviews to the coming week. Enjoy the photos and what is left of summer. Fall is soon here!

xx Soile

Good morning Nyhavn
A busy cup at No.11 Cafe Sankt Anne gade 11
Walking on the cobble stones
Girls at Stroeget
The terrace at Ved Stranden
Brochet champagne by the glass
Wise words?
The Mikkeller bottle shop at Torvehallene market
At Torvehallene
Grapevine at a flower shop in Torvehallene
Tea anyone?
Traditional Danish breakfast: egg and rye bread with butter and cheese

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