@ OX Helsinki

It is time for food porn again my friends, and plenty of it. Our recent visit to restaurant OX in Helsinki was a real feast for the eyes, as well as the palate. OX serves bistro style food from ingredients from the season and the wine list features small producers also from the biodynamic movement. The small restaurant is rather new in town, located on the edge of the center and Punavuori. Continue reading “@ OX Helsinki”

There is Something About the Lehmann Glass

I am sure that you all have noticed how fond I am of the Zalto glasses. They are so pretty and so light. Not too wide and not too flute. They are perfect. After a recent visit to friends, the Zalto however, received very tough competition: The Lehmann Grand Champagne glass designed by the most famous Master of Wine in Finland, Essi Avellan. Continue reading “There is Something About the Lehmann Glass”

A Peek Inside Gastrologik

Greetings from Vilnius! I have been here, in the capital of Lithuania all week on a business trip. And yes, I brought my camera (smirk). But todays post is not about Vilnius. It is about our recent birthday visit to Gastrologik, the one-starred restaurant in Stockholm. The restaurant specializes in wild-food (what they find themselves in the nature) as well as local, ecological produce. Continue reading “A Peek Inside Gastrologik”

Wineweek 97: Born in 1982

This has been a week of birthday celebrations. To be honest my birthday was already last week. However, due to my friend getting married on my big B-day, we postponed that celebration until later. I really like my birthdays. It is that one day of the year that is just about me. Sounds a bit selfish, but on my birthday I get to wish for what ever I want. And this year, I wanted to go back to where M took me for my 30th birthday, restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm.
Continue reading “Wineweek 97: Born in 1982”

All Aboard – The Wine Revolution on the Sea

When I was a kid, one of the best things you could think of was taking a trip with the ferries traveling between Helsinki and Stockholm. I don’t remember exactly what was the charm in it. I recall us sitting in the (kids) disco with fruity non-alcoholic cocktails and loitering around by the slot machines. When I was a kid, our parents gave us a pile of coins (marks at that time) and let us loose in the casino. We were allowed to buy all the candy we wanted with the profit. Somehow there was always profit. And it was the boat that was exciting, the day in Stockholm was more of an annoyance.   Continue reading “All Aboard – The Wine Revolution on the Sea”

At the Bottl3.5shop

If you are wondering if I have been writing this post while tired, the answer is no; Bottl3.5hop is actually the name of the store I intend to write about. Or perhaps I should say I am writing about a phenomena, which is the rapid increase demand for low alcohol drinks, especially beer. There are small shops popping up in hipster parts of town specializing in small brewery beers that fit under the state controlled limit of 3.5%. These shops slash bars are great places to find interesting local products that are often too small scale to make it to the big players shelves, like peach beer (yuk). I am not kidding about the peach beer, but would like to emphasize that most of the selection is actually not as “special”, but rather something that I would consider excellent low alcohol alternatives to be enjoyed with food during the week or why not weekend. Continue reading “At the Bottl3.5shop”

Wineweek 96: Colors of the Fall

This week I do not have many pictures to share with you. Or actually I do, but they are still nested on the memory card of my camera. I am in Helsinki and forget to take the connector with me. But I promise to publish them next week. We have had great fun all week from sailing to Helsinki on the boat to dancing all night at a wedding. We also visited a new-ish restaurant in the Center of Helsinki called OX. Good food and really good wines. So much fun and wine in three days, I can feel it in my bones. Continue reading “Wineweek 96: Colors of the Fall”

Wine of the Week: Dirupi Olé Rosso di Valtellina

Dirupi is one of the up and coming winemakers Valtellina. There is a lot of buzz around the small producer who’s wines have also been discovered by the New York Times. I tried finding information about the winemaker, but it proved to be challenging with my limited knowledge of Italian. However what I can do is write about their wonderful wine that we opened and tasted last week: Olé Rosso di Valtellina  Continue reading “Wine of the Week: Dirupi Olé Rosso di Valtellina”

Friday Night at Punk Royale Cafe

I am always so happy to start writing a post when I am covering my favorite places in town. It is a challenge though to really convey my enthusiasm on “paper”. And I am very enthusiastic about Punk Royale. So how to do this in the right way. I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps I can start from the note that it is the most fun restaurant in town. Continue reading “Friday Night at Punk Royale Cafe”