Sundown Dinner at Torvehallerne

Last week, I was on a business trip in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Alone. Its not that much fun traveling by yourself. I often end up hanging out at the hotel, just working and skipping a proper dinner. I don’t really like going out to eat by myself (very Finnish of me). This time however, I had a plan: It was beautiful weather, I had my camera with me and an appetite for a good meal. From my trips with M, I also knew where to go if you are eating out alone, the Torvehallerne food market at Norreport. Torvehallerne is basically two glass buildings full of small shops, restaurants and food stalls. There are many small stalls selling wine, beer, candies and flowers. I even saw a cactus shop in the yard. There are also bakeries, wine bars and street food type restaurants (burgers, tacos and salads). One of the best coffee roasters in Denmark, Coffee Collective has set up shop there.  The inside is quite cramped, which is I guess typical for food markets, but they have a lot of communal tables outside. There you can enjoy your food and drinks from any restaurant or store inside.

I walked around the market until I spotted a wine bar with food. Le Petit serves many nice wines by the glass and simple dishes, like salads and sandwiches. The wine selection was nothing extraordinary, but credible with a good set of options: five to six different reds, whites and bubblies by the glass. I chose a glass of Jean Vesselle extra brut to accompany my steak sandwich. Perfect dinner for one. After the meal I went to Coffee Collective for a cup. Of course I also bought a bag of Kenyan beans to take home to M. I could have also bought many more gifts, but was able to constrain myself.

The market is a bit on the expensive side as it caters to many tourists, however, I think it is still worth it. It is walking distance from the center and very nice ambience. I don’t mind the few extra krona for something that is nice. And I must say I am quite proud of myself for making an effort to have a nice dinner alone.

xx Soile

Coffee collective, one of the best roasteries in town
Jean Vesselle extra brut champagne
Le Petit wine bar
Steak sandwich at Le Petit


Sunset at Torvehallerne
People enjoying the afternoon sun
Inside the hall
Yes I did 🙂
The Mikkeller bottle shop
Grapevine at the flower shop
Tea anyone?

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