Wineweek 95: The Beginning of September

It is September! How on earth is it already September? Where did the summer go? Or rather, where did the whole year go? I still remember how the year seemed to go on forever when I was young. Perhaps I should just think that time flies when you are having fun. And this week, we have been having a lot of fun: walking in sunny Stockholm, drinking some great wine and visiting the newly opened Punk Royale Cafe. 

When someone asks me when is the last time I have been drunk, my answer is – the last time I was at Punk Royale. I really have to do another post on it. It has been a while since the last one, and now the edgy restaurant has opened a bar next door. Just as a bit of a recap, Punk Royale is a restaurant where anything can happen. I have been served food by a waiter with a horse mask on, M has been pinched in the ear with a clothes pin that was later used to eat crayfish and you start of the meal with caviar and a side of ice cold vodka. The set tasting menu includes a more than generous drinks package. And you know, I could say no to bad wine, but the wines at Punk Royale are awesome. The whole place is awesome! But no wonder you get drunk.

We also continued on the path of emptying last years Cavatast souvenirs. There are not that many ecological cavas on the market, but this one from Fonpinet was very fresh and tasty. Perhaps a bit too heavy on Parellada to my liking, but for the price we paid (less than 10€) it was value for money. DOC Cava is quite a strict appellation when it comes to use of pesticides, so I am not that keen on the eco-label. I believe many of the producers are quite conscious of the surrounding nature. Only a month to go to the next Cavatast. I am getting quite excited.

We also opened a bottle of Vouette & Sorbee Blanc d’ Argile. It is the chardonnay version of Vouette & Sorbeen Fidele (100% Pinot Noir) which is one of my favorite champagnes. It was really an interesting sensation of powdered sugar mixed with crisp green apple. I still prefer Fidele as it has more body, but Blac d´Argile was quite a unique experience.

That was the wine-news for this week. The coming week we will be sailing to Helsinki for a friends wedding. I have to confess, this is the first time we will actually take the boat (overnight cruise). The boats have a bit of a rough reputation, however I have noticed some efforts from the boat companies to clean up their act. They also have the cheapest selection of wines in the whole of northern Europe, so I suspect there will be some shopping. Whatever may come, you will hear about it next week.

xx Soile

Cava Fonpinet (bio) brought from Cavatast 2015
Lovely Valtellina nebbiolo from Dirupi
Fall coming
At Klang Market in Hornstull
Adam & Albin ramen at Ringen Centrum
Architechture at Medborgareplatzen
Almond and potato pancake with fish roe, red onion and creme fresh
Punk Royale Pale Ale
Vouette & Sorbee blanc de blancs.
Opening some nebbiolo

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