Friday Night at Punk Royale Cafe

I am always so happy to start writing a post when I am covering my favorite places in town. It is a challenge though to really convey my enthusiasm on “paper”. And I am very enthusiastic about Punk Royale. So how to do this in the right way. I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps I can start from the note that it is the most fun restaurant in town.What I am writing about today though is actually not Punk Royale the restaurant, I am writing about the Café or rather bar that the owners have built up next door. The café has a similar feel as the restaurant – east Berlin in the 90s’. Not much emphasis on fancy décor; quirky writings on the walls (eg. moi seksipeto which in Finnish means “hello sexy beast”), a jamon (ham) hanging from the ceiling and a crappy smoke machine that is set of a few times in an evening; the smell of that reminds me of nightclubs in the beginning of the new millennium. It is not at all too thought out, the guys who own the restaurant have probably just had a few (too many) beers when planning the concept. Perfect if you ask me.

And what else is perfect is the food. Just as in Punk Royale the restaurant you have small dishes that are just awesome: the foie grass on toast with a ketchup smiley face on top (the toast beneath the foie has been soaked in melted butter), Potato and almond pancake with fish roe, red onion and fresh cream and not to mention the Moroccan chicken that comes in a plastic bag that you are supposed to shake to get all the seasoning on (see pic below) and many more. The food list if more of a bar-menu, so you can just pick as many small snacks as you want and they are quite reasonable in price (from 20kr and up). Really, the food is great! And some of it is served in a quite a fun way, like the caviar is spooned on to your hand and it comes with a shot of ice cold vodka. You never know what to expect at Punk Royale.

Drink-wise there is a good selection of wine and some decent craft beers. I am a bit disappointed by the bubblies: there was an ecological cava that had a bit of a steely after taste (not bad otherwise though, but not good enough for me to memorize the name) as well as Laurent Perrier by the glass. The third and only great option was Andre Jacquart Champagne, but that was only available by the bottle. We also had some of Punk Royales’ own micro brewery beer – Punk Royale Pale Ale. Really good and fit with perfectly with some fatty food.

At the Punk Royale Café, half of the seats are possible to reserve and half are walk in. So this is a great place for a spontaneous evening, provided you arrive early enough to snag one of the bar tables. Good for Fridays and Saturdays, dangerous any other day a week (if you plan on going to work the next day that is). Whenever you go, remember to bring your sense of humor and you will have a great time.

xx Soile

Foie grass on toast
Serving water
Baked cheese with kale
Almond and potato pancake with fish roe, red onion and creme fresh
Game tartar with capers
Smoke machine
Punk Royale Pale Ale
Morroccoan style cury chicken in a shake-bag
Mini hot dog “bullens”
Corn with truffle
The welcome party

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