Wine of the Week: Dirupi Olé Rosso di Valtellina

Dirupi is one of the up and coming winemakers Valtellina. There is a lot of buzz around the small producer who’s wines have also been discovered by the New York Times. I tried finding information about the winemaker, but it proved to be challenging with my limited knowledge of Italian. However what I can do is write about their wonderful wine that we opened and tasted last week: Olé Rosso di Valtellina 

As you might recall from recent posts, the Valtellina reds we have been writing about are 100% nebbiolo wines. Rosso di Valtellina is a common name/expression used for entry level table wine in the area. It is often an expression or better said a teaser meant to introduce people to the style of the house. The starting price level for the local nebbiolos is around 10€, which was also what we paid for a bottle of the Olé.

The wine has a classic Valtellina flavor profile with notes of herbs and flowers, along with the typical tar and mineral character of nebbiolo. It is fresh and light; great companion for some simple meat dishes but I could imagine it going well with a creamy pasta as well. For the price of 10€ it is really excellent value for money.

xx Soile

Opening the Dirupi Olé Rosso di Valtellina nebbiolo

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