Wineweek 97: Born in 1982

This has been a week of birthday celebrations. To be honest my birthday was already last week. However, due to my friend getting married on my big B-day, we postponed that celebration until later. I really like my birthdays. It is that one day of the year that is just about me. Sounds a bit selfish, but on my birthday I get to wish for what ever I want. And this year, I wanted to go back to where M took me for my 30th birthday, restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm.

Gastrologik has since our last visit received a Michelin star. And you all know what happens when a restaurant gets such an acknowledgement: prices hike. And so had happened also at Gastrologik, a 40% increase compared to four years ago. A tasting menu with (lots of) wine cost us around 200€ per person. The prices were still quite reasonable though. One star in Paris or London might not be that special, but here in the Nordics, it is huge. You could almost compare it to a two/three star experience somewhere else. The experience was well worth it. Will write more about it next week.

However the highlight of my birthday was not the dinner. It was what I received after. M had bought me a Bollinger Grande Anné 1982 (my birth year) as a gift. He was very proud of himself when he told me that he had also bought it right in front of my face without me noticing. It was ordered and delivered to our hotel during our summer trip to London. He had also wrapped it together with all the other bottles we bought, and made sure he was the one unpacking the bags. Coordination that required precision. Pretty sneaky I would say. Reminds me of the time he hid 24 bottles of wine in our living room while making me a wine calendar for Christmas.

I also added some pictures from a business dinner I had at the Winery hotel this week. I arranged a tour  and meal for my colleagues from all around Northern Europe. We had a quick look at the urban winery and tasted the Winery Red which is one of three wines they produce here in Stockholm. It is a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Franc and tastes like a classic Chianti. Nothing I would buy into my cellar, but I am not a big fan of Tuscany anyway. The guy doing the tour was really excellent though, so well worth the money making a visit. I am sure my colleagues are convinced, more than ever, that I am a weirdo after I was taking pictures of their food all evening.

I am soon closing in on Wineweek 100. That means I have been writing this blog for a hundred weeks. Hundred weeks! What should I do to celebrate that? Should I post something special? God! Hundred weeks..

xx Soile

At Gastrologik
Freshly baked bread and tasty butter
The most memorable dish of the evening, the garlic soup
Delicious deatils
A nice and light Barbera d-Alba with the main course which was pidgeon
Toast Skagen at the Winery restaurant
Creating humidity in the Winery
The only place in Stockholm where I know they have tasting machines

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