A Peek Inside Gastrologik

Greetings from Vilnius! I have been here, in the capital of Lithuania all week on a business trip. And yes, I brought my camera (smirk). But todays post is not about Vilnius. It is about our recent birthday visit to Gastrologik, the one-starred restaurant in Stockholm. The restaurant specializes in wild-food (what they find themselves in the nature) as well as local, ecological produce.

So called wild-food is very popular right now in the fine dining scene in Stockholm. Ingredients include a majority of vegetables, fish and meat of the season. We are on the doorstep of fall, so all kind of berries, mushrooms and bird-meat was on the menu. Later in the year I could imagine game coming in. When the food was served, we were told the origin of all ingredients as well; who was the farmer and how did he/she treat the animals. I was almost inclined to ask what were the animals names (if you have seen Portlandia you know what I am talking about). Wild-food and fine dining seem to go very well together. We have recently visited also Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki, who have a very similar concept. C&S is, however, much better value for money; almost half price compared to Gastrologik.

We also took a surprise wine flight to go with our menu. I am usually not a fan of wine packages as it is often way too much wine. If you are paying an arm and a leg for the meal you do not want alcohol to numb your taste buds. However, at Gastroligik we could have a reduced flight, which was perfect for just tasting the wine with the food. The house champagne was Terre de Vertus from Larmandier-Bernier. Delicious!

I wont be writing a novel today. The food at Gatrologic was delicious, but it was also so beautiful that got very excited taking photos. The photo-shoot was a bit disturbed by the red-shaded lamps that distorted the white balance, but I was able to salvage some pics with editing. I really need to learn how to shoot RAW and use Photo shop. Enjoy the eye candy, and I will share more stories another time.

xx Soile

Welcome to Gastrologik
Well balanced cutlery


Details on the table
There was warm bread and butter on the table throughout the meal
French Chardonnay with the first courses


The most memorable dish of the evening, the garlic soup
Delicious details
Mackerel with flowers
Every dish at Gastrologik is beautiful
Semi-sweet Riesling with dessert
Arbois red from Jura


A nice and light Barbera d-Alba with the main course which was pidgeon
Pre-dessert with sweet plum
Johan & Nyström coffee served from a Chemex
Sea Buckthorn sorbet with nuts



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