There is Something About the Lehmann Glass

I am sure that you all have noticed how fond I am of the Zalto glasses. They are so pretty and so light. Not too wide and not too flute. They are perfect. After a recent visit to friends, the Zalto however, received very tough competition: The Lehmann Grand Champagne glass designed by the most famous Master of Wine in Finland, Essi Avellan.Pop! said the bottle of Taittinger 2004 when my friend J pulled the cork. It was late in the evening, after a nice dinner, when we started what would have been called ten years back an after party. It is usually a bit of a waste to open nice bottles late in the night after lots of wine due to numbed senses. However, when I brought the plump Grand Champagne glass to my nose, I felt a revelation. I didn’t have to draw in the scent by holding my other (weaker) nostril, the lovely aromas floated out elegantly. The scents were full and promising. The champagne itself was of course very good, so the glass does not turn bad wine into something good. However, the experience was very much lifted up by the soft aromas. I found myself mumbling to M that we should get a pair, ignoring the fact that our wine cabinet is already overflowing with Zaltos, Riedels and Orrefors. Oh and some Iittalas as well. What is a few Lehmanns in that mix (smirk).

About the facts: the glasses are mouth blown from led-free glass.  They are available to buy for example at Alko, the Finnish monopoly, and cost around 60€ for two. That seems to be the market price for hand blown premium glasses.

xx Soile

Hello beautiful!

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