Wineweek 98: Vilnius on my Mind

Ok, so an absolutely crazy week behind me. Where to even start? It all began with a phone call when I was about to board a flight from Stockholm to Vilnius..It was a colleague of mine who was at the other end of the line. With slight panic in his voice, he informed me that I needed to drop everything I was working on and move to lead a project with him, completely unrelated to my current job. Or I cant say its completely unrelated, but still, not in any way my expertise. I was unsure if I should actually board the flight, however decided to continue in the lack of any real information about the other work. So off I flew to Vilnius without knowing if I should take the next flight back. I ended up staying for the scheduled two days, even though I was bombarded with  emails of great urgency. Thankfully I had my camera with me so I could relax a bit. We walked around the old town and ate some really nice fillet Mignon.

On Friday M returned from a long business trip. We had planned to open the Bollinger Grande Anné 1982 that I got as a gift for my birthday. It was no special Friday, but we thought that it is as good of a day as any. The -82 is ready to drink now. It will not improve with saving and we are currently both healthy with no runny nose or irritating cough. That season is on the doorstep again and it really makes enjoying good wines a bit unpredictable.

M was joking around saying “think if this wine would be corked“. And well enough I heard a frustrated “no way” few seconds later. The cork had broken off (see picture). That was no indicator that the wine had gone bad, but how to get it open was the question on our minds. I am sure that there was not that much pressure left, but a corkscrew felt a bit dangerous. So I dug out the champagne saber I bought M almost two years ago and said it is time to try this baby out. Think of it, the first bottle you ever saber is thirty-four year old Bollinger. Sabering is not hard, but if you have never done it before…well we were a bit nervous. It was a perfect blow with just one try. The head of the bottle flew off leaving a clean cut in the glass. And no wine was wasted. From now on, we will saber all of our bubblies. Not.

I should actually dedicate a whole post to the wine itself. It was so fantastic. Very nutty with strong notes of raisins (as with old champagnes usually). There was still a healthy amount of bubbles left, although was a bit worried due to the cork being so damp that it broke off. The wine lacked the same freshness as young champagnes, naturally. But it was still very pleasant to drink. The downside, or benefit, of sabering is that you need to drink the whole bottle the same night.

So with my tummy full off Bollinger, I embark on my new assignment at work. It will be challenging and laborious, but fun. And I have Cavatast in a few weeks time to give me a good break from it all. On Saturday we opened a nice bottle of Cava from last years heist: Odisea 2011 from Naveran (Chardonnay & Parellada). It was a really great cava for the price we paid (less than 9€ a bottle at the event). I am really looking forward to seeing what is new this year and who of our friends we see at the festival.  Have a great week you all!


We climbed up for a panorama view of Vilnius
Old and new
In the old town
At the fish restaurant
Markus famous fillet Mignon was acceptable
I want a pair of those
Having breakfast at Johan & Nyström
Egg and egg
Oops, what happened to the Bollinger -82
Beautiful amber colored wine
Cava Odessa from Naveran
Cavatast, only two weeks to go.

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