Wineweek 99: Barcelona on my Mind

Five nights to go. I am counting the days until we leave for Barcelona. It is that time of the year again, when we head to the Capital of Cava for the most anticipated event of the year: Cavatast 2016. At the same time, we take the opportunity to refresh our wine and food map of Barcelona, so we stay for a whole week after the festivities to just roam around. This weekend we have been preparing intensively: reading up on new places and drinking some of last years favorites. 

M is perhaps the best person I know when it comes to traveling together. He reads food blogs, he always finds the nicest travel sites, and he always makes a good map. Even if we do not reserve anything, we can always check up on the phone if there is something interesting near by. You know if one gets a sudden craving for cava..or ham. We have an early schedule compared to all the locals, so it is quite easy to just walk in to places. This time, he found a really good guide, Driftwood Journals where we checked up the newest restaurants, bars and cafes. Now they are all neatly categorized in Google ready for use on the go.

I also took a nice early morning walk in the Old Town of Stockholm. It is usually full of tourists, but at 9 am on a Sunday, it is completely empty. There is so much more charm in the cobble stone streets when they are not filled with people.

Wineweek 100 is approaching and I will be writing that post from Barcelona. It is actually quite fitting. This whole blog started with Cava and so Cava will mark a great milestone in its history.

Enjoy the photos!

xx Soile

Building a Google-map for our trip
Pictures from the old town of Stockholm
Pharmarium is one of the best cocktail places in town
At the Nobel Museum square
Streets of Old Town are full of small shops
The whole Old Town is covered in cobble stones
A different kind of tour in Old Town
There are lots of small terraces on the narrow streets
We met this wine producer in Paris once and bought almost the full range
The sun was out all weekend
The pools have been emptied for the winter
Yoghurt, granola and berries
At AB.Cafe
Walking in Midsommarkranssen
Picturesque fall leaves
Cava Muscandia from last years Cavatast

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