Whats New at Cavatast 2016

Estimated time of arrival at Cavatast in Sant Sadurni: 2.5 days. Time until we board the plane: 1.5 days. Hours until I open the first cava of the week -best guess 20 (less than 24 at least). A welcome overdose of Cava is close and I can feel it, so I am preparing by reading up on what is new this year on the official tourist-site of Sant Sadurni. 

My first surprise is that the info package is in English. Every past year I have used Google translate to get a rough idea on what is going on at the festival. Does this mean that the event is getting more international? Last year we were already hanging out with a few Brits and a Danish guy, and heard a group of Swedes spontaneously burst into song. I have kind of enjoyed that Cavatast has been a well kept local secret. Although I of course love that Cava is getting more international attention.

There is also a Cavatast app. Or rather it is an app for Turisme de Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, but Cavatast is featured as its own section. Ok, the app is in Catalan, but as an employee of a teleoperator, I am happy and impressed that they have made an effort in this field. Regardless if I can read it, the app has information on exhibitors, hours of business and events. Love it!

Thirdly, I have heard some talk about Riedel glasses. Not really sure if this means that the tasting glasses will be Riedel, or will Riedel do their “glass tastings” (how the same wine tastes from different glasses), however, I am looking forward to finding out. I have a nice collection of Cavatast glasses in our cupboard. A few more Riedels will not hurt.

I am so excited that I have already packed my bags. Excited to see all of our friends in Sant Sadurni and Barcelona, excited to eat well all week, and excited for the warm weather (although there are some concerning forecasts with as low as 13 degrees Celsius for next week). Now one more day of work and then its seven days of all play. I will be bringing my camera and my computer, so I can report back to you from the road.

xx Soile

The happy cavadrinker

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