Pictures from Cavatast 2016

Here comes the report and photo gallery from last weekends Cavatast 2016. It was a perfect day to be hanging around with the camera: the sun was out and people were smiling. In addition to the festival we visited the Simon Coll chocolate factory.

We arrived at Cavast already 11 am when the festival opened. Its the best time of the day to come as there are not that many people. It fills up fast though. Already at one pm the streets are crowded with happy tasters. Saturday is a typical day for tourists and foreigners to visit the event, so you can’t really say that that is the best time to get a glimpse of authentic town spirit. I think we should actually try Friday next time. The festival opens on Thursday and continues until Sunday evening.

This year things were indeed different. The location was new, there was more information in English. And yes, the tasting glasses were Riedels. For a price of five Euros a pop, one could rent a classic champagne glass. You could get the money back if you returned the glass (not mandatory). But hey, why would I return a five Euro Riedel? Actually I went and rented several more, so now I have a set of four to take home. Unfortunately the glass did not have any Cavatast print on it. Practical, however now I don’t have a Cavatast 2016 glass to continue the collection. Luckily we got a printed glass from Torello to take home instead.

After three years of Cavatasting, we have come to the point that the festival does not offer us much new. It is an event to see friends and the companies we work with. But actually going around and expecting to taste something new…no, we have tasted already most. The trend of ecological cava is of course something that is a bit up and coming. Many houses have come out with a bottle or two classified either biodynamic or ecological. These are always interesting to try, but they are rarely the top range products. I think the best value for money is the six euro bottle from Fonpinet. Also all Torelló has gone 100% to organic farming. Yahoo!

We wondered around, ate some ham, and tasted cavas from Mestres, Llopárt, Maria Casanovas and Canals & Munné. Mestres is always a good experience, though a bit different from the main stream. The Mestres cavas have this light sherry-type sharacter that gives the wine some more complexity. My recommendations from Mestres are the Visol Gran Reserva and Coquette. But bare in mind they are gastronomical cavas that are best enjoyed with food.  And of course we already work with the best: Rimarts, Torelló and Cellers Carol Valles, who were also at the event. But we try to use the time to explore all that is new. Could not resist hanging out at the Torelló stand though. Its always such a great party over there.

After the event, we popped by the Simon Coll chocolate factory. The shop was full of bowls with samples from the chocolatiers selection and I bought some beautiful chocolate bars to go as well.

Tummy full of cava, ham and chocolate, we headed back to Barcelona early. What a great event! Again! I am already counting the days until next year.

xx Soile

A calm start to Saturday morning
Cava tickets. Four for five Euros
This year we were tasting from Riedels
Cavas on ice at the Torelló stand
The Ham Crew was not complete this year
Simon Coll chocolates at the event
Mestres is one of the most original Cavas I know on the market
I queued for these ham plates for almost 30 minutes
The ham master, taking his time with the leg of Iberico
People were in a party mood
Cavas and kisses
Simon Coll Chocolates at the event
The band was playing all day
Enoturisme de Penedes
Pouring Torello
Torelló Brut Nature Gran Reserva
Happy Cavatasters at Torelló
Bye bye Cavatast, see your next year!

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