Sweet sweet Barcelona

So guess who gained “some” weight” during their trip to Spain? But no matter, its kilos well deserved as it would be a crime to pass on the great pastries and desserts they have in Barcelona. Buttery croissants and crispy churros with chocolate are traditional, but I feel that cool Barcelona is a real mecca for some innovative baking. I know, I know, this is a wine blog, but can you imagine a cool glass of cava with these babies below. I definitely can. And I don’t even need to imagine, the experience is very fresh in my memory. So here are a few tips for sweet experiences on your trip to the city.

One of my favorite places in the neighborhood of Born is Bubó, a cake shop and cafe owned by Carlos Mampel, one of the most famous pastry chefs in Spain. Carlos has won many awards both in his home country and internationally. He is passionate not only about taste, but detail. Bubó is a real treat for the eyes as well as for the palate. You can have a cake and a simple coffee at Bubó while you drool at the selection behind the glass counter. Carlos is especially famous for his macaroons, so I recommend buying a few to go; in case your sweet tooth starts aching again later.

Coconut Mango cake at Bubó
Chocolate cake at Bubó

My most recent pasty revelation has been at Satan’s coffee corner in the Barrio Gotico. We have always made our way there for a good cup of coffee. But this year, we noticed the lovely doughnuts and interesting cookies that had appeared on the counter. The green cookies are matcha/ green tea cakes and we also tasted a beetroot cookie. Oh my God how good they were, and I am imagining (in my mind) healthy. Beetroot = healthy. Not to forget the absolutely fabulous doughnuts that had mouth-popping sprinkles on them. Satan’s has also opened another location on Gran Via inside boutique hotel Casa Bonay.

Green tea cookies at Satan’s Coffee Corner
Raspberry doughnut at Satan’s Coffee Corner

Last but not least, I want to lift up this fun dessert we had at restaurant Santa Gula in Graciá – Tiramisu in a flower pot. I have tasted better Tiramisu in my life but never has it been served in such an interesting way. I actually thought in the start that the waiter was just bringing some decoration to the table, until M sank his spoon into what looked like soil. And out came a delicious and creamy surprise of Tiramisu. Santa Gula was actually a fantastic restaurant, so I would recommend it for a full dinner, not only a dessert. Great wines on the list might I add.

xx Soile

Tiramisu in a flower pot at Santa Gula

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