Saturday with Roederer

I must say, Roederer is one of my favorite among the big champagne houses (after Charles Heidsieck). Their wines are elegant, fresh and crunchy (or crisp is perhaps a better word). My love for Roederer was sparked many years ago: It’s a great memory actually.  We were en route to Bali for our honeymoon, M and I, wondering around Heathrow airport. We stopped by the tax free to ogle at the shelf of bubblies. No way was there going to be any good wine on Bali, so we thought we would buy a few bottles to go. On the shelf there stood a newly released Roederer Rose Vintage 2008. I did not know then how fond I would become of the year 2008, but the bottle was on offer. My first bottle of Roederer followed us to Indonesia that night. Oh my God, how good that champagne tasted on the balcony of our hotel. The Roederer 2008 has had a special meaning to me ever since.

Today we stopped by our wine cellar to have a small tasting of Roederer new releases: The Brut Nature 2009, which is made in cooperation with artist Philippe Starck, The Roederer Brut Vintage 2009 and the Roederer Brut Rose Vintage 2011. Regardless of being young, the Rose 2011 was great. But my favorite was definitely the Brut Nature 2009. It has only 1.4g of residual sugar and a healthy dose of Pinot Meunierin the cuvee. It is the least ‘Roederer’ in style of all their Champagnes, as well as the most modern.

The first vintage of the Brut Nature collaboration with Philippe Starck was made in 2006. It was billed as the first ‘new Champagne’ from the house since the 1970s. All the grapes come from 10 hectares of south facing, biodynamically-farmed vineyards in Cumieres
Philippe Starck is involved in the wine making process as well as the design. This cuvee is only made in years when the fruit are ripe and rich, so they do not need an added dosage.

The only downside of the champagne is the price. The release price tag in the UK for this bottle was 75£; in Sweden the cost is 695kr. It is a bit on the high side for what it’s worth. I guess Starck wants to have his share (lol). Overall I would give this wine 4/5 in quality, 3/5 in value for money.

xx Soile

The Brut Nature 2009 bottle, designed by Philippe Starck
All tasting champagnes in a row
The menu
elegant bubbles, Roederer style
Magnusson Fine Wines in Östermalm


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