Wineweek 102: All Aboard

It is cold outside; +5 celsius, windy and drizzle. November is approaching, the end off fall and the beginning of winter. I consider November the worst time of the year. March comes in as a close second. It is a perfect time to do some indoor activities. So I booked my trip to Finland this time with the boat, this time Viking line. Actually I chose the boat because of flights being enormously expensive, but there is the perk that our toddler enjoys it very much. So here I go again, with the floating disco to my birth city of Helsinki.

I don’t really call Helsinki home anymore. I left four years ago, and have not really been longing back. Stockholm is really where my heart is these days. Every time I land at Arlanda airport I feel I have arrived at my final destination. But it is very nice to visit Helsinki. Every time I come over there is something new and cool. I am working all week, but will take the time to try the new Loire menu at Restaurant Aito and visit some hipster-looking places in the East-Berlin of Finland, Kallio. Lets see also if I get the chance to go and try some new wines on Friday as well. There is this restaurant, BasBas, that I have been dying to get a table. Never have succeeded. Perhaps, if I pester them all week, I could snag a cancellation or something. I need to ask if they have a bar for a lonely walk in. That is so common here in Stockholm and even in London, that all the good restaurants save a few seats for the lucky who arrive early.

Anyhow, those are my plans for the coming week. I hope to have some good stories to share. At least I will go have a peak at the Tax free on the boat and report whats new. It is Finnish Master of Wine Essi Avellan who is behind the shop selection, so I am sure I will pick up a bottle or two to go. Have a great week you all!

xx Soile

Sundown at Grev Tuvregatan
The temporary Saluhall in Östermalm

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