Modern Tapas at Santa Gula Restaurant

I know our time in Barcelona is already several weeks behind us, but there are many nice memories I still want to share. One of them is our evening at Santa Gula restaurant, where we ate some of the most progressive, yet casual tapas of our trip. Santa Gula Restaurant is located just on the edges of Gracia, close to Avenida Diagonal. 

This restaurant is not a walk in place. We had some dumb luck as we just breezed in without a reservation. We were out early; around 6pm, which is definitely not a proper dinner time yet in Barcelona. Most restaurants don’t even open that early.

The start was not very promising. Although we were the second party to arrive after opening, the service was slow, as if the staff could not keep up with the pace of the orders. It took at least 15 minutes to order our drinks, and even longer to actually get them. We were in no hurry though, so kept our heads cool for once. However in case I would have been super hungry I would have walked out the door in the first 10 minutes our waves were ignored.

As the kitchen heated up, the pace of the service increased. Significantly. The cold wine arrived (Eòlic Sauvignon Blanc from Penedes), followed by delicious black sausage cakes topped with apple compote. The white wine was aromatic, crispy and down right delicious. It was kept cold in a traditional cooler next to our table. We also ordered some Burrata, cold chicken on a bed of polenta, avocado and chilli, and crispy pork with Mango. Last but not least we shared a Tiramisu. The dessert was so cute, served in a flower pot. All of the dishes were really good. Perhaps the Burrata was just good, but the rest were excellent.

It is not really our style to go for just one bottle during dinner, but I am glad we did not settle for just one glass of the Eòlic. The wine is made by Joseph Montserrat and Eloi Milà who run the Àrid Vins winery. Their aim is to craft highly personal wines in some of Catalonia’s best terroirs. Eòlic comes from a small plot located at an altitude of over 800 meters above sea level near the town of Pontos. We tried to find a bottle from a shop the day after, but we were unsuccessful. The price is less than 13€, so it is really a steal.

My warm recommendations to Santa Gula. Althought, I recommend reserving a table and going there when the staff have warmed up. For the rest of our dinner, the waiters were smiling and really attentive.

xx Soile

Pork belly with mango
Bottle of Eòlic Sauvignon Blanc from Penedes
We got a whole bottle
Flower pot Tiramisu
Black sausage with apple
Chicken with avocado, chilli and herbs at Santa Gula restaurant
Cappucino to finish the meal

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