Wineweek 103: Rainy Helsinki

I have spent the past week in Helsinki. It rained a lot, thus only photos from indoors. It was really this kind of nasty, humid fall weather, where the chill just penetrates all your outer clothes and sinks all the way to your bones. I have never gotten used to that, not even when I lived in London, where this kind of weather was a constant. Stockholm on the other hand was very sunny this weekend when I came back home. I could have just stayed outside all day long. Instead, we sat in the windowless chambre separé at Magnusson and had a good dose of Delamotte. 

So what was good in Helsinki this week. My favorites were the lamb burger at restaurant Kitch (never been in that place before), the thick and creamy smoothies at Cafe Bergga and of course the five course Loire-menu with wines at restaurant Aito. We had this really fun sparkling Spätburgunder as an aperitif. I wonder if red sparklings are the new wine trend after orange wine? This is already the second red sparkling I have had within a month, and I have otherwise stayed clear of anything that reminds me of Lambrusco.

If you recall, I was mentioning in the last Wineweek week that I was taking the boat to Helsinki. I have not traveled with Viking Line for years, but now I decided to give it a try. I embarked on a Sunday, so opted out of any wine (plus I had the toddler with me), but I must say the renovated ferries traveling between Stockholm and Helsinki are not that bad. There were now five different restaurants: fish, grill, a la carte, buffet and a fine dining plus a wine bar and cocktail lounge. I am not sure about the quality, but the venue was quite pleasant and the wine bar looked to have quite many good champagnes by the glass.

While visiting the tax free, I also noticed that they were selling Charles Heidsieck by the glass for two euros. TWO EUROS! Thats crazy cheap. I steered away from the Heidsieck, and picked up a bottle of Taittinger les Folies de la Marguetteries (to take home of course). It was around 15 euros cheaper a bottle than what I could ever find it for in Sweden (37€). This is a really nice single-vineyard cuvee from otherwise quite boring Taittinger. I could have bought a several, but was lacking the space in my luggage.

Coming week I will be in Stockholm. Looking forward to trying out restaurant Le Nom next weekend and hanging out with a dear friend. I suspect that there will be some nice stories to tell. Have a great week!

xx Soile

Egg sandwich at Johan & Nyström
Granola bars at Johan & Nyström
Breakfast sandwiches at Johan & Nyström
AT Magnusson for a Delamotte tasting
The best weather of October in Stockholm
Lamb burger at Kitch Helsinki
Honeycomb dessert at restaurant Aito
Restaurant Aito Helsinki
Bird pate at Aito
Smoothie and coffee at Bergga Cafe Helsinki
On the Viking boat
Viking boat new fine dining restaurant

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