Wineweek 105: The First Snow

This morning – the first proper snowfall of the year. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of it. Me and my camera have remained happily indoors; drinking tea and eating chocolate. But I have a few other cool shots to show you from yesterdays visit to AB.Cafe for brunch and Vina wine bar for dinner. I also did some window shopping in the center. Even though we do not spend Christmas in Sweden, I still like getting a few small gifts for the fam. And the best place to find nice stuff is Designtorget, that carries works of many Swedish designers – big and small. 

Vina is one of those places we have had on our “to visit”-list for a long time. It is a casual neighborhood wine bar in SoFo (Södermalm) with a small menu of food. We were supposed to go to Le Nom, but our reservation was so late that we tried our luck with Vina just as walk-ins. It is actually a school holiday weekend, so the city has been very quiet. And to our luck, so was Vina. We grabbed a nice high table in the middle just when another party was leaving. I will write a proper post on Vina, but really quickly: really nice, hearty food, and a long wine list with interesting stuff mainly from Europe. Food-wise, choises are not that many, but almost everything we ordered was super good. Especially the cauliflower soup – so creamy.

After Vina we stopped by another cute place, Katarina Ölkafé, which is a small beer bar. I didn’t really get good pictures, but imagine something plain and hipster. Great selection of local small brewery beers. In case we would have been still hungry, they do food as well.

A few words about Designtorget, it is a chain of stores here in Stockholm. There is one really big one right next to Sergelstorget and many small ones around the center. There is one at the central station as well as Arlanda Airport (Terminal 5). They sell a lot of decorative objects, kitchen stuff, books, jewelry and furniture. I don’t think there is any other restriction than the fact that it should be designed in Sweden. My favorite find this year was the chocolate Christmas calendar from local chocolatier Chokladfabriken. If we were not leaving for Asia mid-December I would have bought one – for me of course, the toddler does not even know what Christmas is yet. I also looooove the kitchen stuff there. Now that we are moving, I could perhaps go and buy a few nice additions to our cooking arsenal. Its not like I will use them (as I am not the cook of the family), but they will look really nice on the counter.

Have a great week and enjoy the pictures!

xx Soile

Peekaboo at Vina
Cauliflower soup with cheese
A lovely light Loire red
Apple cake with cream at Vina
Riesling before dessert
The perfect chocolate calendar
Christmas shopping at Designtoget
These make me want to bake cookies…not
For some of my Finnish friends
Christmas decorations
Baked eggs with pecorino and tomato sauce at AB.Cafe
The coffee at AB.Cafe is from Drop

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