At Greenwich Market

My recent trip to London was almost wine-free. So this week, I don’t have so many stories to share about the main topic of the blog. But street food is almost as good right? To love wine is to love all things good and tasty. Greenwich market is not your typical London tourist hangout. There is still something very genuine about it.Greenwich is kind of a village-in-the-city part of town in south-east London. There are quite many cute parts of town in the British capital that could be characterized as villages. People even talk about living in a village even though they are actually living in zone 2. The local pub as well as the local food market are places to meet and indulge. The markets are also open year round, regardless of rain or even snow.

Entering the market, you have all your typical food stalls: Thai-food, meaty wraps (flatbreads), scotch eggs and must-have vegan burgers. I was quite impressed by the sweets section and Planet Pancake, that was more amusing than inviting, but kids seemed to like it. I was drawn to the stand with a steaming vat of pulled pork. The baked a flatbread in front of my eyes and wrapped it around beautiful vegetables and chunks of meat. The taste was so fresh, and this cost me a mere fiver. If I had not stuffed myself with a muffin earlier, I would have picked some other food as well. Everything looked very good.

There are also some antique and handicraft stands around: bags, jewelry, shirts etc. The selection was a bit different from tourist driven Spitalfields. I could have perhaps made some purchases, but was not in the mood.

If you are planning a trip to London, I recommend spending a half a day/ few hours in Greenwich. Hanging out at the market, sitting and eating outside in the sun is so relaxing (even in crispy wether). There are also many nice looking shops, restaurants and bars around in Greenwich (I visited on a Sunday, so most were not open). Additionally, you can hike to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich. There you can stand on the Greenwich Meridian Line (the center of the GMT time zone) and visit the free museum of time and space. Getting to Greenwich is as easy as hopping on the DLR (tube).

xx Soile

Karaage stand
British potatoes
Planet Pancake
Delicious cakes
Scotch eggs
Steaming vat of pulled pork
Pulled pork flatbread

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