Dinner at Foley’s London

What is a Saturday without some food pictures – and the pictures from Foley’s London really get my appetite going (even though I just had lunch). However, the story of that evening is not all rosy (its not that bad either), so consider your options before you run and make a reservation.Foley’s is an Asian-fusion bistro on Foley street in the heart of Fitzrovia. They serve cocktails and a nice range of dishes inspired by the spice trail from Middle East and Asia. All dishes are mid-sized and good for sharing. The cocktail list has a nice sound to it, with a lot of ingreadients like ginger, mint, elderflower and basil. The cocktails also look very nice, which I really like. Even though we are talking looks, it is a part of the experience. My pictures unfortunately failed, so that is a bit of a bore. But I saw this really fun lookin cocktail that was served in a golden pineapple. Must try that the next time.

But the arrival to the restaurant was not that good. I was on time, perhaps even five minutes early, and I was told I am the first one in the party to arrive (I was having dinner with an old friend). Our table was not ready, so I had to wait in the doorway. No problem. But after a minute or so, I found out it was kind of a problem. More guests were arriving, all crambing into the small doorway, where the head waiter was checking for reservations. The bar was also located right next to the door, and there were waiters going back and forth picking up drinks. All. The. Time. My friend seemed also to be late, so I did not feel like ordering anything before she arrived. After standing in the doorway for 20 minutes, trying to dodge other guests and staff, I was shown to my table. However, on the way walking there, I spotted her sitting in another table. The staff had mixed upp the tables, and she had been waiting for me there all that time. I could have avoided that annoying 20 minutes in the doorway. A vague apology from the staff was all I got, so not a very good start for the evening.

Anyway, cocktails were ordered and all was well with good company. We also picked some food from the list: burnt ends chicken; cauliflower with Tzatziki, tomatoe and roasted peanits; sticky beef and Hake. I think the chicken and the cauliflower were most impressive. Spicy flavors and beautiful dishes. Very filling, as we were barely abble to finish all the food. Although we did find some room for a dessert to share when we saw the baclawa cheese cake. That was awesome. I love baclawa. We also ordered a bottle of Margaret river Sauvignon blanc to pair with the slightly spicy food. The waiter brought us the wrong bottle though (how can you mix up an australian Sauvignon blanc with a French Chenin blanc?), but exchanged it after we mentioned the mistake.

So not a horrible experience but not a great one. M visited Foley’s a week later and had the same problems with being seated, so it was perhaps not just bad luck. Anyway, if you are patient (and not bothered by disorganized staff) I am sure you will like the restaurant!

xx Soile

Burnt ends chicken
Oven roasted cauliflower
Baclawa and ice cream
Oxford street in the night

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