Wineweek 108:Avoiding Bad Life

Three months has passed at the speed of three weeks. New projects and management at work, the move to a new apartment and too much travel – It had been draining. We have had very little time for wine and writing, using the last hours of the day for achieving a minimal effort. The speed of things really hit me this weekend, as we decided to take it slow: sit at cafes, take long naps and do some unplanned (but not unnecessary) shopping for wine. Something must change next year, if we are to retain all our beloved hobbies. But luckily, we have our annual trip closing in, where we will have plenty of time to reflect.

What is better than an unplanned coffee walk. What started as a simple breakfast at Good Life Coffee changed into a hunt for the new. Helsinki is much more happening in the niche than Stockholm. Has been for years. So we took advantage of the mild weather and walked around. We discovered at least three new specialty coffee bars, all within a walking distance from the center: Mad Possum, Mood Coffee Roastery and a place that’s name I have no clue of 100m from Good Life (was probably really new). I must say that at Mad Possum we met some of the nicest coffee shop keepers ever.

After, what I would call “one too many” cups of coffee, we wondered into the flagship Alko monopoly store to browse for some wine for the evening. Historically, the shop has not been that special, however it is the nicest branch in town. We were in for a big surprise when we walked downstairs to browse the sparkling selection. The Champagne shelf’s were full of great stuff: Larmandier-Bernier, Benoit Lahaye, vintage Drappier and even some Bollinger VVF is the locked fridge. Prices were not as good as in France, but only moderately pricier. Its not free to lug the bottles from France either. I think I mentioned to M that my barrier to moving back to Finland just dropped significantly. I have always thought, that if you have a monopoly store, the least you can do is make it good. I think Finland has finally caught up on this. We did not go for anything more special than an Andre Clouet Brut. But for 29€ a pop, I think it is one of the best entry level champagnes out there.

But back to what I mentioned in the beginning of the text: sometimes you need to push yourself to slow down. Otherwise ten years will pass before you even notce it. A slower life will be my new years promise I think – more time for wine, writing and food photos.

xx Soile

P.S. I also ordered a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as a Christmas present to myself. It will be my companion during our trip to Asia for light editing of photos. Microsoft had a crazy good Black Friday discount at least in Sweden (~25%).

Breakfast at Andante: Avocado bread and banana-Nutella toast
Andante’s yogurt with kiwi, coconut, cocoa nibs and granola
Welcome to the champagne section at Alko
Larmandier-Bernier Terre de Vertus
The renewed selection at Alko
Just brew it! at Mad Possum coffee
Coffee obsession at Mad Possum
Cinnamon buns at the unnamed cafe on Kolmas Linja
The writing on the window lured us in
Breakfast at Good Life Coffee
Good Life Granola
At Good Life
Avoiding bad life

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