Blue Wine – Seriously?

A while back, BBC published an interesting article about this Spanish company that has started making blue wine. A really bright blue wine, might I add, not something that looks very natural. The thought of this makes me think publicity stunt. But I don’t want to be stuck with what I think wine should look like (it looks like something out of Star Wars…I can imagine Jabba the Hut drinking it). I want to judge a drink by its aromas and taste, and the experience of drinking it. Until now I have not been able to get my hands on this new invention, but I thought to write about it anyway. Really interesting to hear if any of you have tried it? The idea of blue-wine was born out of passion to be revolutionary and break some rules. The founders themselves were not winemakers (not a surprise), however they recruited some help from the University of the Basque Country. Gïk Blue blends different varieties of red and white grapes with two organic pigments to turn it blue: anthocyanin, from the red grape skin, and indigotine, an organic compound commonly used as a reddish-blue food dye. It tastes a bit like a cross between a wine, a wine cooler and a cocktail mixer, with a mellow and sweet, slightly syrupy mouth feel (makes me think of Blue Curacao that I used as a teenager to make Blue Angels).

The wine does not really sound like something I would like (I am not in to sweet wines anyway), however there seems to be a solid customer base for it. I suspect we will be seeing it around in stores and some restaurants for a while. All in all, I am for trying out revolutionary things, so I don’t want to trash the ides. In case I run into Gïk Blue, I promise to take a leap of faith and try it. If only for taking some cool pictures.

xx Soile

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