Wineweek 109: The Christmas Calendar

Finally December, and only 20 days to go until Christmas. I am a fan. M is not. We travel south every year to utilize the quiet time of year to enjoy some warmth and sun. And we don’t really celebrate Christmas there under the palm trees, perhaps just go for a nice dinner. The trip its self is enough of a present. However, to compensate for the “loss” of the Christmas parties (or perhaps due to the fact that I like presents), M has almost every year made a surprise Christmas calendar for me. Last year, we travelled very early, so it did not make sense lugging the calendar on the trip. But this year again, I discovered a stack of surprises waiting for me on December 1st. I am always a bit overwhelmed. This year as well. But nothing really beats the surprise of the wine-calendar of 2014. So I thought we would take a quick peak at what it looked like two years ago.

I know it’s already December 4th, but here are instructions for a DIY wine-calendar. I promise you, its never too late to put one up. Could be something fun for the week before Christmas: seven day countdown to the 24th of December. A wine-lover will not mind the timing.

Step 1. Buy wine in secret. Step 2. Hide the bottles in plain sight (like in cardboard boxes in your living room). Step 3. casually assemble the calendar in the middle of the night when everybody else sleeps. It is quite easy if you just buy wine boxes and stack them on top of each other. I don’t think I have ever been as excited about opening a Christmas calendar as I was in December 2014.

Haha! The picture quality was something else wasn’t it.

For other news, I have been in Helsinki for almost two weeks. So I have a stack of nice pictures waiting for editing. Right now I am testing my brand new Microsoft Surface 4, so all the features are not installed yet. But the idea of getting this small but powerful travel companion was that I could have my whole mobile life in it. People warned me about the keyboard and  mouse, but to me they are working fine. Perhaps it just says something about the old equipment I have used. This time I did not compromise on quality (ok, perhaps if I would have disregarded price completely I would have bought the i7).

Anyway, ten days and counting to our take-off towards Asia. I am looking forward to having some more free time to relax and write, as well as discover new places for wine. Last year we already made some good progress (best of Bangkok here), so lets see what 2016/2017 has in store for us.

xx Soile

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