Winter Cocktails at the Old Apothecary

Usually, I drink cocktails in the summer. I like them fresh and crispy; with flavors like elderflower, mint, citrus and ginger. And, I always end up choosing Gin as my base. I have become like a broken record when it comes to cocktails, always the same thing, just dressed up a bit differently. But I finally read about the winter cocktail menu at Pharmarium, and could not hold back my excitement for something new. Their quirky cocktails are a legend in Stockholm, and I just cannot wait to go for a seasonal drink.

The list is featuring drinks like “Apple & Smoke” with winter apple, lemongrass and smoke essence, and spiced with cinnamon and vanilla; and “Treehouse” with white Martini, ginger beer, blueberries and Pharmariums’ own syrup made of softwood, grass and angelica. I love that these drinks are not screaming Christmas, but they are still very seasonal for winter. And the combinations sound lovely too. Very earthy.

Pharmarium is also a great venue. The old apothecary shelves have been preserved, and a smoke machine goes off now and then releasing a nice birch-scent into the air. It reminds me a bit of the finish sauna.

You can of course walk in and have a seat at the bar, but the best experience comes with knowledge of having space. So I recommend reserving a seat, even if it just for cocktails. Hmm..perhaps should try it out on Saturday.

xx Soile

Pharmarium is one of the best cocktail places in town. Photocredits: Soile V


Its an old apotechary turned bar & restaurant. Photocredits: ©Erik Nissen Johansen
The cocktails are awesome. Photocredits: ©Erik Nissen Johansen
Pharmarium is located at the Nobel Museum square. Photocredits: Soile V

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