A Night at Le Nom

As we are approaching the holidays, I want to lift up a few places in Stockholm that are great for having a pre-Christmas (or post-Christmas) dinner. I finally made it to Le Nom a few weeks back, and I must say it is the perfect spot for some relaxation, good wine and tasty food.  Exactly what you need An evening at Le Nom was kind of like an evening in Paris: lively, casual and chic. The service, however, is very unfrench: friendly and attentive. Le Nom is owned by the people behind one of my all time Stockholm favorites, Bar Nombre. Both places have the same concept: central-European cuisine, mid-sized dishes, interesting wine list. The difference is that while Bar Nombre specializes in Spain, Le Nom is French inspired. Both restaurants are located in Vasastan, only 300m from each other. Which was very convenient as my dinner companion accidentally went to the wrong one.

The restaurant has a nice Parisian bistro-feel: round marble tables, white napkins and candle light. The house champagne is Drappier, which I was happy to order by the glass to start with. It would have been even more perfect if they would have served the Brut Nature, instead of the basic Brut. However, even the entry level Brut has only around 6 grams of sugar. Wines by the glass were widely available with around six to seven whites and reds, mainly French but also some Spanish, on the list. I went for some light chardonnay with the green courses followed by a traditional Burgundy Pinot Noir with the meat. Wines well selected and recommended by the staff.

The mid-sized dishes are perfect to share, so we chose four courses for the table: baked egg with truffle, kale and wild mushrooms; veal tartar with almonds, coffee and soy mayo and shitake mushrooms; a plate of Swedish charcuterie and last but not least artichoke with burnt butter. All dishes were really good, however the egg with truffle really took home the gold. For dessert, I had small after eight cones with chocolate cream and pear mousse. Delicious!

An alternative to ordering a la carte is having a signature menu. My dinner companion was gluten intolerant, so that is why we wanted to pick and choose (the restaurant was really helpful with allergies btw). However, both the regular and vegetarian menu looked really good. Price-wise, you will end up paying around ~500 SEK for a menu, and another 300-400 SEK for wines. Not cheap, but not expensive either. Perfect for a cozy dinner with friends around Christmas time, or to be honest, whenever!

xx Soile

Drappier by the glass
artichoke and onion
veal tartar with shitake muchrooms
Cozy feel at Le Nom
Swedish charcuterie
After Eight cream cones at Le Nom



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