Wineweek 111: Good Morning Bangkok

From minus five to plus twenty-five degrees overnight. The week I have raging about for months is here, our annual trip to Asia has begun. And as always, the first leg, is to Bangkok, to recover from the jetlag.

Since we made our decision to only fly business class long haul, my jet lags have been mild. I know it’s a small investment, but it saves so much energy and time. Even before the trip, I actually look forward to the flight. You feel you are on holiday the first day and it does not take a week to adjust to the time difference. We are always really early booking, around 6-7 months before the trip, browsing for as cheap tickets as we can find. We will compromise with the stopover if it means we find a bargain (the exception being Moscow, the airport there is a pain). Yes, you can call it a bargain also if you buy business, and I know this sounds a bit snobby, but hear me out. This time we paid around 1300€ each for our nice flatfolding seats on a Finnair flight from Stockholm to Bangkok via Helsinki, while economy tickets were 900€. I call that a bargain.

As an added bonus, Finnair has just launched their new business class menu, designed by one of my favorite chefs, Sasu Laukkonen (Chef & Sommelier). I usually detest airline food, also in business class, but this meal was a treat. It is still airline food, but the best I have had in a long time. I wish Finnair would do something about their wine list though. Nicolas Feuilatte as a champagne is a disappointment. Drinkswise SAS  with their vintage Henriot and signature beers from Mikkeller beats Finnair 10 to 1.

Anyway, here we are, in Bangkok, taking it quite easy for the first few days. To be honest we have not tried that many new places yet. Yesterday we did drinks at the Okura and today we had our annual lunch at Issaya Siamese Club. We have read up on several new places for drinks and food that we will try on the latter part of our journey. Prosecco still seems to be the dominant sparkling, but at least we can see some evolution in other departments. Since last year, a natural wine bar in has opened (I cannot wait to try that) as well as several places for good cocktails. On Tuesday, we head to Hua Hin for a short week at the beach (we have bought some wines to go), then we are off to Singapore, and after New Year back to Bangkok.

The sun is shining, its hot as hell and we are on the road again for the next three and a half weeks! Let the annual trip to Asia begin!

xx Soile

The new menu by Sasu Laukkonen
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reverve Champagne
Tortellini with chantarelles
Drinks at Quince the night of arrival. This baby is a bomb of ginger
Coctails at Issaya, Pandan Cooler and Lemongras ice tea
Amouse at Issaya
Palate clenser, black currant ice cream
Brown and white rice with beans and garlic
Beginning of the week in Copenhagen at Ved Stranden 10
Walking to 108 in Copenhagen


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