Craft Beer Craze at Casa Lapin BKK

There is something about the warm weather that makes me crave two things: spicy food and beer. Many seem to agree with me, as beer is extremely popular in Thailand – could you imagine red wine in 35 degrees Celsius? The local beer market is protected with high taxes on export products, so other  products than Singha and Chang have a high-ish price tag. However, the Thai capital has still developed a taste for craft beers from around the world, and many new spots have opened that serve a wide range. I am sure it’s mainly the expats and tourists but there is enough of them. One of our favorite cafes, Casa Lapin has opened Tap Room, a restaurant and craft beer bar serving a wide range of international products from tap. 

Casa Lapin is a cool place. It is a hostel, cafe, work space and now craft beer mecca. Sounds like the hipsters have arrived to Bangkok. Tap Room is separated from the cafe, but it is still family friendly. There are 26 different beers on tap from allover the world – would say that Australia and the US are quite heavily represented. You can order either a medium or large glass, and the beers are served with a note with information about the product and brewer.

The selection has healthy variety with IPA’s, APA’s, Lagers, dark- and amber ales. The difference to Sweden I would say is that many beers are quite heavy on alcohol. The lätöl/ folköl -trens has not arrived to Thailand just yet. As the products are mainly exported, the prices are not much cheaper than in Europe. But no big deal, the ambiance of the place and service is first class. Music is not too loud, and the staff took some time to chat with us about the beers. I really enjoed that.

Tap Room (and the cafe at Casa Lapin) also serves food. Menu features some brunch favorites, like egg-dishes as well as pastas. This is actually a restaurant where I go for a carbonara or arabiata. The food is really well made with a bit of a spicy twist to give it some local flavor. Tap Room also have a bar snacks menu with mac’n cheese and such. M ordered the american favorite, however the cheese was a bit poorly melted. We could have complained, but we did not as we felt everything else was so good.

Casa Lapin has several locations in Bangkok, but I really like the one in Phrom Phong. Its just a short walk from the sky train station. Here is an old review by M on the coffee bar.

Address: 51 Sukhumvit 26 Alley

xx Soile

26 different beers on tap
Amber ale is my new obsession
IPA and amber ale
On our way to Casa Lapin

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