Wineweek 113: Singapore in a Nutshell

In Finland, we have a saying – new year, new tricks. More concretely, we have today traveled from Singapore to Bangkok for the last leg of our annual trip. What started in Bangkok, will end in Bangkok. Seven full days to discover what is new in the city that have loved since the first time I set foot in it. The first round in Bangkok was just to slack off and to sleep off the jet lag, so we left all the new goodies to the coming week. I think definitely this will be the best part of our trip. I don’t like dwelling on last year, but since I took some photos, we can have a quick look back on our week in Singapore. It was filled with good food, coffee and some yummy cocktails.

We always take a week or two in Singapore when we are on our annual trip. It is a great food-city and a good contrast to the chaos that persists in almost all other big cities in South-East Asia. Singapore is clean, crisp and everything functions well; you can find all types of cuisine, well made, however, service is usually horrible.

What do I think then is horrible service? I get frustrated in a restaurant when: service is slow or inattentive; food and/or drinks are not served at the same time to the table party; food is served cold or lukewarm; and staff cannot present what is on the plate or in the glass. Worst of all (and I get furious) is when the staff does not even care. The last, and worst point, is what is norm for Singapore. Although, there are some welcome exceptions with very happy and professional staff (like Pim Pam by Foc and Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall).

When you are used to it, the bad service bothers you a bit less. It’s all about expectations. With influences coming from all over the world, Singapore has a great mix of different restaurants and bars. During the week, we had: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, American, French and Spanish food, and all of them were good. We also enjoyed good wine (even nature wine), cocktails and beers, with a long list of places left for trying out the next time. So I suspect that Singapore will be in the itinerary in 2017 as well.

I have some great restaurant and bar visits to share with you in the coming weeks: Montana Brew Bar (and their nature wine selection), PIM PAM by FOC, Jigger and Pony, the Spiffy Dapper and Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall. Cant wait to dig into the hundreds of photos of food I took last week.

One more week of sun and fun and then the return to arctic Sweden awaits. Until then, I will try not to think about it.

xx Soile

The Singapore art and science museum
Gardens by the bay
Burger joint has opened a “secret” location in Singapore
At Jigger and Pony
Busy at the bar at Jigger and Pony
The Spiffy Dapper
Quirky decor at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall
Don’t even ask..
Fruity surprise cocktail at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall
Orchids at the Garden by the bey


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