2016 Singapore Best Eats

I can’t believe it’s already the 7th of January. Only two days left until we return to Sweden. The weather has been quite brutal there, down to minus 20 degrees Celsius and snow. Think about it, going from plus thirty to minus twenty. Brutal! Anyway, as our time in Singapore is still fresh in my mind, I thought I would recap with some of my favorite eats from this (last) years trip. It is quite funny, we ate almost everything but Singaporean food, and kept away from all starred restaurants. Very unlike us, but a good choice I think. With the newly established Guide de Michelin in Singapore, prices for the winners have skyrocketed. And I thought they were quite high to start with.

The clear favorite this time was Montana Brew Bar, a café, wine bar and restaurant focusing on waffles and nature wines. We visited there three times during one week. Partly because it was close to our hotel, but mainly because the coffee was so good. We also wanted to see how nature wines were doing in Singapore. Not so well would be my guess. Montanas downstairs wine bar, Anarchy, seems to have closed the same month it had opened. Quite fast to call it quits, but perhaps they had their reasons. I can write a bit more about Montana and their wines in the coming weeks, but just look at those delicious waffles. I think I know what M will get for his next birthday: a waffle maker.

The egg and truffle breakfast waffle
The bulgogi waffle

Another very good experience was PIM PAM by FOC, a newly opened Spanish bar and restaurant close to Orchard road. The food was good, even comparable to what we have eaten in Barcelona. We had delicious Paella with scallops, croquetas with three different fillings and a chicken sandwich. The ham was the only real disappointment. It was just low quality (and expensive as it was import). The best dish was the dessert Churros. Delicious! But what really made a huge impression at this place was the service. Service that is one of the reasons M really would struggle living in Singapore. At PIM PAM by FOC, it was awesome! Attentive, professional, fast. I could go on about it for hours. They had a good list of wines by the glass from Spain and the new world.

Cured ham at PIM PAM by FOC
Churros with chocolate dip

Other good food experiences from Singapore:  dinner at P.S. Café in Dempsey Hill. The service was horrible, but the food and wines great. Especially the cakes. They were huge though, we could have shared one cake just the four of us. Thank you Anja for arranging! The New York favorite, Burger Joint, has opened a “secret” location close to the CBD. The burger is good, but the price extremely high, ~30 SGD. We also had good lunches at Crytal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (chinese) and Ajisen Ramen (japanese), both chains but good eats nevertheless.

We just had a peek at our credit card statement, and to our surprise, it looked quite manageable. So I think we have been eating with a reasonable budget. None of these meals will be the cheapest you have ever had, but still very affordable. It would of course make sense, when in Singapore, to eat more at hawker-stands. But this time, we had an international appetite. Hope you have the chance to try out some of these restaurants. Enjoy!

xx Soile

A familiar sign guiding you to the burger joint
Parmesan chicken at P.S. Cafe
The bannoffee pie at P.S. cafe
Shanghai style dumplings at Crystal Jade

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