Wineweek 114: My Bangkok

It is the last day of our trip, and it feels like an end of an era. Well at least an end to a year. Tomorrow we make a long journey back to Stockholm, and on Tuesday I will already be back at the office. It stings a little bit less, as I know we will be flying comfortably in business class. But still the traveling has grown on me, and tomorrow already feels like something significantly different.

After three consecutive years visiting Bangkok, it is becoming very familiar. At least the areas we usually hang around in: Asoke, Thong Lor and Ekkamai. You could say these are the Japanese expat areas of the city, so I cannot really say I travel like the locals here. But I get around with little effort: walking in the heavy traffic and riding the metro and the sky train. We buy our lunches on the street and have local Uber accounts. We have tried out many of the so-called secret bars for fantastic cocktails and learned where to go for wine. It is not a wide selection (French and Australian), but at least we don’t have to suffer through the holiday without one decent glass. We also tasted some new local craft beers, that were of high quality. This means that we can have some variety to Singha, which is also decent by the way. Tonight, we raised glasses to a successful trip at the Okura Prestige hotel-bar. They have a good wine list and happy hour from five to seven, and the second best ham and truffle toastini in the world (the best is still by far at Matkonsulatet).

What’s next then? We return to Sweden and to our usual routines. I will spend some time in Finland. There is a travel fair I will be attending with my Tripsteri colleagues. There will be dinners (Portal booked), evenings at the cellar and bottles that should be opened. I will keep on learning about wine, at my usual lazy pace. We are also planning some more trips for the spring, first to Amsterdam and then to Hong Kong. Hong Kong baby! I cannot wait to eat my way through the city. It has been at least five years since I was there last. So, the blog will keep on its comfortable, few posts a week-pace, featuring writings about food, wine and other adventures of the palate with a non-serious tongue-in-cheek-style.

Thank you for reading the blog! Although I write for myself, it is fun to see which topics interest others as well. Hope I have been able to provide you with some tips of worthwhile!

xx Soile

Walking around in the heat
In Phrom Phong
Relaxing at Casa Lapin
Drip coffee at Casa Lapin
Happy sheep..or whatever they are
Street eats for lunch every day
Asoke streets
Chalawan Pale Ale, local craft beer
At Appia restaurant
Okura Prestige hotel
Toastinis at the Okura are the second best I know in the world
New years resolutions

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