Sweet tooth in Bangkok

I have a vague recollection of making a promise before our long trip, to cut down on cakes and other sweet stuff. Asian desserts are not that good anyway, I thought (wtf!!). I don’t know what I was thinking. Bangkok is full of cafes with creamy cakes and delicious desserts. We also hang out in the Japanese expat areas where sweet stuff is appreciated. Here you have a few good tips of where to get your sugar rush in Bangkok.

The find of the year was definitely Vanilla Garden, a cafe, restaurant and creative space in Ekkamai. It is quite a long walk away from the sky train, but hey, the exercise is needed (or take a cab). Vanilla Garden is split in two spaces, the bakery and dessert bar and the Japanese cafe slash restaurant. The concepts are a bit mixed, but that does not really matter. The bakery is where you get the big ass desserts and the cafe/restaurant is where you get the small ones. Drinks wise, they have really nice fruit coolers, like lemon and honey and lime and apple. We sat out in the garden with our huge oven banana with strawberries, caramel and ice cream. It was enormous, almost too big for two to share (and the portions was for one). And delicious!

If Vanilla Garden has huge desserts, Size S has really small ones. Size S cafe is located on a back street close to Lumpini park. Their concept is to make small, but delicious cakes. They also roast their own coffee which falls on to Ms list of approved roasters in Bangkok. The thing with Size S is that you don’t feel guilty when having a cake. They are so small. And if you share, its like two bites, but sometimes that’s all you need to kill the craving for something sweet. My absolute favorite is the Size S coconut cake. It is so coconutty and not very sweet. Also the chocolate rum cake is to die for. Size S cakes are also available at one of the best cafes in Bangkok: Ink & Lion in Ekkamai.

Last but not least I would like to mention Roast, that is a restaurant with two different locations in Bangkok. One is at EM Quartier at Phrom Phong anf the other at the Commons in Thonglor. The restaurant is founded by the coffee roasters of Roots. We have mainly eaten some mains there (pastas), but their waffles with strawberries and cream have left a lasting impression. I still remember the way Roots was three years ago. It was at a small location, sharing the space with a local bakery. Roots didn’t have any prices, but they asked customers to pay what they thought the coffee and cakes were worth (some quidance was provided when asked). The bakery brought out buns and pastries straight from the oven, and we just went crazy, trying out everything. The original location and concept does not exist anymore, but the Roots love for sweet stuff to accompany coffee has been inherited by the restaurants.

Have a sweet, sweet weekend!

xx Soile

Coconut cake at Size S
Kiwi cooler at Vanilla Garden
Oven banana with strawberries and ice cream at Vanilla Garden

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