Peek into BasBas & Staff Wine Bar

There are great wine bars and then there are Great wine bars. Wine, as many other things is a matter of taste, so what is great is always subjective. What tickles my fancy is a nice ambiance, genuinely friendly staff and first and foremost a long and delicious list of wines by the glass. It is not often that you find a perfect match, especially since I am into weird things, like methode ancestral sparkling and orange wines. But BasBas & Staff wine bar ticked all of the above boxes. It was just a fabulous experience.

BasBas & Staff wine bar is, as per its name, owned by restaurant BasBas and their staff. I genuinely get the feel that this place has been born from the love for good wine. It is a fairly big space just around the corner from the restaurant. No reservations are taken, except for the big group table, so anyone is welcome to walk in and grab a seat. Come early though, as around half past six on weekend nights the place fills up. There is a nice long list of wines by the glass as well as bar snacks to keep you with food. I also got the feeling that there were a few “other” bottles that the staff could open (perhaps bring from the restaurant, I don’t care) in case we were interested in having them by the glass.

We arrived to the wine bar hungry. The plan was to see how much the bar snacks would fill our tummies, and then head out for some more filling food after if needed. Well it was not needed. The long list for small snacks was had many delicious dishes we could try and the chef was clearly not holding back on size of portions. Many plates were closing in on mid-sized rather than small and then cost per plate was from 6-8€. We had avocado and fennel on toast, a mushroom brioche, duck legs, Coppa and French cheese. There were several other plates we could have still ordered but we quit while we were ahead (meaning not stuffed)

The wine list by the glass was the best of the evening though. Just the options for sparkling got some chills going: Bereche & Fills as the champagne, a methode ancestral sparkling from Anjou (Loire is so going to be my thing this year) and a cremant de Limoux. As Bereche is already a well known favorite, we decided to try out the two others. Further, I ordered a glass of the orange wine from Andrea Scovero and M the Les Tetes Noires light red wine from Touraine, Loire. Each time we made an order it felt like a friend came to share his wine cellar with us. Yes, the service was that good – very warm and knowledgeable. Prices, as you can see from the pictures below, were very reasonable, and I definitely did not feel cheated with the sizes of the glasses.

Perfect match, perfect company, perfect evening! I gues that makes BasBas & Staff the best wine bar in town.

xx Soile

Wine list by the glass at BasBas & Staff
Furmint candle holder
Industrial feel at the wine bar
Avocado and fennel on toast
Mushroom brioche

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