Wineweek 118: The Countdown to Spring

The countdown to spring is on. February has started with mild weather. I know it is a bit grey, but I prefer that to minus degrees. Every morning, the sun rises a bit earlier, and I can already leave the office with some daylight left. The darkest time of the year is behind us, and it can only get better from here. 

Wine-wise, I have had some treats from our own selection this week: some Rimarts Martinez, Llagrima d’Or and Torello 225. I held a small cava-tasting to my new colleagues (who are btw very cool), and we went through bottles we have had waiting in the fridge. I have perhaps mentioned before, but we quite seldom drink our own wines, as we are always in such a hurry to taste something new. But this was a good reminder why we started our business in the first place: to bring the types of wines we would drink ourselves to the Swedish market.

Our travel plans for the spring are also starting to get some shape. In March we will spend a weekend in Amsterdam, and in June a week in Hong Kong. Both destinations give some good diversity to our usual hangouts. I have been to both before, but never with M. So we will have an awesome time eating and drinking our way through the cities. We already looked at some options for Amsterdam, and what we will definitely do is go to GlouGlou, a wine bar with a great selection of bubblies as well as some nature wines. M goes there when he is on business trips, and I am always super jealous when he tells me what he has been drinking. We have not booked anything yet though, so all tips on Amsterdam wine bars and restaurants are welcome!

Unfortunately I have very little new to share this week. We had a reservation at Portal, however could not make it due to some time challenges. It is one of the most talked new restaurants in Stockholm, so I really hope that we can give it a try again soon. Another new restaurant I really want to try is Cafe Niazza, which is said to be a very affordable French bistro.

Llagrima dÓr is our first cavalove
Cava tastes great from our Zalto champagne glasses
Cooling bottles

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