Singapore Cocktails Revisited

I have not been out in weeks. WEEKS! Family events, the flu and a new job has kept us indoors. And I am starting to get a little bit numbed. But there is no immediate salvation in sight. This weekend is going to be a home weekend as well, and we just need to rely on our own cellar to entertain us. In the lack of a nice restaurant environment, I thought I would revisit some of the great moments we had on our trip to Asia. To be more specific, our cocktail night out in Singapore. I just noticed, I had skipped the whole topic, even though I have great things to say about the new places we visited. So here we go, a dive back to Asia and the cocktail nights of Singapore. Our first stop and my favorite visit was Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall, a semi secret cocktail bar in Chinatown. The bar I on the second floor, there is just a shady door and stairway visible from the street. The sign has a cheap, 7/11 look to it, but I am sure that is purposeful. Upstairs, the bar reminded me of a simple fast food restaurant. Intentionally, I am sure. But there was still a warm and welcoming feel and the staff were all smiles ( a smile makes up for a lot). There was no specific drinks menu. You are asked for your preference with spirit and the types of tastes that you usually like. The result is a surprise. And a lovely surprise it was indeed. These guys definitely know how to make cocktails. Both me and M were very pleased with what came out as a result. My cocktail had some egg white, coconut, yoghurt and pineapple. It was like a hipster Piña Colada: sophisticated and not too sweet. A little bit sour even. M had something resembling a dark and stormy, but with some spiciness from chili and smoke extract. Super nice place! We had read some worrying reviews on the prices (no one told us what the cocktails would cost), but they ended up being mid-market, around 22 SGD.

Our second stop of the evening was the Spiffy Dapper. Café by day and cocktail bar by night. The ambience was a mix of I don’t really know what: a French night club and Arabian café? It was dark with low, red light and pots and cups inspired by the middle-east.  The drinks were strong and somehow old fashioned. In a good way I mean. M had a small bowl of mac’n’cheese which I thought was quite a nice snack. I really liked trying out this place, but to be honest, would perhaps not return as there are some better places out there.

Our last stop that night was Jigger and Pony, which is said to be one of the best cocktail spots in town. It is at least constantly mentioned as one of Singapores top-ten cocktail places. The look of the place was sleek and it was filled with banker type expats. Music was playing way too loud, so we could not really chat properly. M was already a bit sick of cocktails, so he went for an Australian sauvignon blanc. Which was decent but a bit overpriced. I ordered a cocktail; A massive cocktail that was served in a golden pineapple. The drink itself was a champagne cocktail with some rosemary and dried pineapple. Regardless of the bling bling, I was not impressed. The drink tasted ok, but a bit flat. All in all, Jigger and Pony was not a place for me.

God, I miss Singapore! And cocktails!

xx Soile

Quirky decor at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall
Fruity surprise cocktail at Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall
The bar at the Spiffy Dapper
The Spiffy Dapper
The golden pineapple at Jigger and Pony
Busy at the bar at Jigger and Pony
At Jigger and Pony


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