Wineweek 119: February Favorites

For those who have been reading this blog:  you know I am not a winter person (I was clearly born in the wrong country). However, February is a month of hope. Days are getting longer, skies clearer, and they sell these awesome plush buns with whipped cream and almond mass in the middle. You eat them until the end of February when the buns have their own signature day: Fettisdagen (fatday).  With more light, there is a feel of having more time; and I am not so tired all the time. This week we did a lot of stuff at home. I even baked (bake-off croissants. Haha!), and got an inspiration for making some cocktails at home. 

When I travel around airports and different cities, I am always eyeing nice gins and rums, with the thought of buying a bottle home. A good example is a Finnish gin, Napue, that is always praised by my friends. But then I remember, that we have not even opened some of our nicer spirits brought home from London over three years ago. So it is really pointless to fill up with more. Last month we also bought really nice Orrefors whisky and highball glasses, hopeful that we would have use for them.  I like cocktails, but we just never get around making them. But it was time for a change.

With determination, I browsed for gin cocktail recipes online. If you recall, we have a few bottles on really nice, Danish Jensens Gin lying around in the closet. So that would be my spirit; but I didn’t want to get that many other new ingredients to fill the cupboards. The cocktail would need to be easy, but more than a Gin Tonic. So I ended up with Gin Fizz: 50ml Jensens Old Tom Gin, 30ml lemon juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 20ml egg white and soda water to top upp (I didn’t really pay that much attention on the dosage). I also added a branch of rosemary (I burned it slightly under a candle) on top for look and aroma. I think my cocktails at least looked wonderful. M thought they were just ok (too much gin and too little lemon juice – stick to the recipe my friends). I don’t know about you, but I really like egg white in cocktails. It adds a smooth finish.

The wine of the week was a sparkling Riesling from Germany: Vaux. A bit odd to have Riesling with bubbles, but it was quite good. Especially the aftertaste. We had this as a dessert sparkling which I think it was perfect for as it was a little bit sweet. It would have been too overpowering with food.

Now that I am in the mood for cocktails, I will try another recipe next weekend. We will also have some guests and try out our eastern European wines. Exciting!

xx Soile

Coffee to warm the hands at Johan and Nyström
Steaming coffee at Johan and Nyström
These babies are available all February until the 28.2. which is called Fettisdagen (Fatday)
My simple ingredients for Gin Fizz
Jensen Old Tom Gin
Ready cocktails looking good
Vaux sparkling riesling



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