Wineweek 120: The Return of the Home Mixologist

We are well on our way past February. Only one week left. In March I can officially start hoping for an early spring. The weather forecast doesn’t seem to agree with me, as Tuesday will bring a new fresh coat of snow. Lets hope that whatever winter is coming, it will be a short one. The benefit with this time of the year though is that it is the season for warming up with hot drinks and eating pastries.

This week has been another home week. It has been a while since we have been out. But next Wednesday we have a reservation at Cafe Niazza, and I have every intention of keeping that (no cancellations this time). A home weekend meant another chance to pursue my new obsession of being awesome at making cocktails. So regardless of Ms crushing feedback last weekend, I set out to try another Gin-recipe. This one, Rubies & Thorns came out much better: fresher and not as alcoholic as the Ginn Fizz, although I think I still have some fine tuning to do.

Rubies & Thorns

  • 2cl Jensens Bermondsey Gin
  • 6cl blood orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon-thyme syrup*
  • soda to top up
  • sprig of lemon-thyme for decoration

* I made the syrup myself with 1dl sugar, 1dl water, 2 sprigs thyme and a few cl lemon juice. You almost never see me in front of the stove, but for this syrup I took out the kettle and brought the simple ingredients to a simmer. I didn’t find lemon-thyme, so I used regular thyme and regular lemon – cant be that different, can it?

We also opened some great wines this weekend. Another German sparkler brought home from London: Bum Krug by Josef Laufer, vintage 2012 (100% Pinot Noir); a bottle of Ruinart blanc de blancs NV champagne; and a Cabernet Sauvignon from the kings vineyard in Serbia. Every single bottle was a success actually. Even the Ruinart, which we have previously snubbed as boring and “not our style”. I am wondering if our taste has evolved somehow, or did the few years the non vintage bottle spent in our fridge give it some more character? It is said (eg. by Rickard Juhlin) that even the more inexpensive bottles benefit from some extra aging – very possible! We are actually working pretty well through our massive storage of “drink now” wines; which would not have been possible if we would have been going out every weekend.

xx Soile

Cinnamon bun is the national pastry of Sweden
Ruinart blanc de blancs was better than I remembered
Rubies & Thorns cocktails
The ingredients for my cocktails
Thyme and citrus fruits are awesome together
Semlor are widely available this time of the year
White buns filled with whipped cream and almond mass.
German sparkling Bum Krug by Josef Laufer

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