Stockholm and Stars – Michelin Guide Nordics 2017

Yesterday was a day I had been waiting for: the revelation of 2017 Michelin stars in the Nordic countries. Not that I need a star to think that a restaurant is good, but rather, stars are quite rare here in the dark North, so it is always a big thing to get them. This year Stockholm gained one star, but lost four, as two two-star restaurants closed down.

Stockholm has altogether 10 stars. Volt, Operakällaren, Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren , Sushi So, Esperanto, Ekstedt and Gastrologik kept their one star, and Oaxen Krog kept its two. There was also a new kid in town, Imoutu, that received its first star. Seems to be a good year for sushi restaurants.

What is worth mentioning, is that this year stars were granted to many restaurants in other cities than Stockholm. Malmö was the real winner with its first two-star restaurant, Volmers, and its second one-star restaurant, Sture. Malmö also gained two more Bib Gourmades. Perhaps the food scene is starting to spill over from Copenhagen. Great to also say that 108, which is the relaxed bistro opened by the creators of Noma, also gained its first star. And think, only six months after it opened. I really think they deserved it too.

What was slightly disappointing was that absolutely nothing happened in Finland. The four restaurants in Helsinki, that have a star, kept their status. No new stars or even Bib Gourmandes. Boring! But at least my fave, Chef & Sommelier kept theirs. They are so awesome.

So how does this news impact my restaurant plans? It doesn’t. We don’t really have plans now to visit any of the places I mentioned, and there is nothing super exciting in Stockholm that we feel tempted to try. M is not at all into sushi. What is very interesting, and on the to-do list, is Rutabega, a new vegan restaurant by Mathias Dahlgren. It has been opened very recently where the two star Matsalen used to be. We had a huge fight yesterday on who gets to go, as a friend of ours only has a reservation for two. After a fierce battle, I think I won (I am 99% sure). So I cant wait to share some pictures and experiences with you.

xx Soile

Welcome to 108
Root celery was the best dish of the day
Me in my element
Delicious deatils at Gastrologik
Interior at Gastrologik
Chef & Sommelier in Finland kept their star
Wine flight at Chef & Sommelier is awesome (and generous)
Beautiful dishes at Chef & Sommelier

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