Wineweek 121:Out and about in Stockholm

This week has been awesome! A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The beginning of the year has been so slow that I feel like I have been awakened from a long hibernation. Even the flu has not stopped me this week as we have had one nice meal after another. What am I ranting about? Well our nights out at Cafe Nizza and Mathias Dahlgrens Matbaren of course. We also drank some nice wines at home as well as tasted a range of Taittinger champagnes at our wine cellar. Yes! It has been a week of food and wine, and I feel very excited to tell all about it. 

Starting in chronological order, Wednesday we went for dinner at Café Nizza. The simple bistro serves a French style tasting menu and well selected wines. Food was great, and not to mention very affordable. 500kr for a four course menu including a small greeting from the kitchen and Madeleines with the bill. I will add some pictures and more information on the wines later in the week.

Thursday night we still planned on staying home for the weekend when M noticed an available table at Matbaren, Mathias Dahlgrens one starred restaurant for Friday night. Michelin Guide Nordics 2017 was launched this week on Wednesday and Matbaren kept its well earned star. Not to mention, Friday was salary day in Stockholm, so we were quite surprised by the availability (the place was full so probably a cancellation). The last time I was at Matbaren was on my 30th birthday, which was one of my and M’s first dates, so I have an emotional connection to the restaurant as well.

Before Matbaren, we popped in at our wine cellar, to see if we could squeeze in on the Friday bubbly. This week the producer was Taittinger, and the tasting featured four cuvees: NV Brut Reserve, NV Prelude, 2008 Millessime and 2006 Comtes de Champagne. Taittinger is one of those producers I am quite torn about. They have some interesting stuff, but their style is a bit sweet for my taste (9g of sugar/l). The 2008 vintage was awesome though, and definitely value for money with a bottle price of 490kr. As we are traveling with the boat to Finland for Easter, I also peaked at the Viking Line price list. A Taittinger Millessime can be brought home for less than 400kr a bottle. I suspect the 2008 will be sold out by then, but I think 2009 will do as well for that price.

A great food week indeed. And next week will not be too bad either as I will be going to Mathias Dahlgrens new vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga. The guy closed down a two-star restaurant to open this place, so I am really looking forward to it.

xx Soile

Greeting from the kitchen at Cafe Nizza
Dessert at Cafe Nizza
Taittinger tasting at Magnusson
At Magnusson Fine Wines
Beef special at Mathias Dahlgren
Coravined Jura white
Coffee and big brakfast at A.B.Cafe
Earl Grey and Lemon Martinis

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