Cheap and Chik Café Nizza

The topic is a bit misleading – eating out in Stockholm is never cheap. Chik on the other hand… anyway, relatively speaking, Café Nizza is a very price worthy dining experience in Stockholm. You get a cozy bistro experience with four courses plus amouse bouche and petit fours for 500kr. The food is not innovative but very well prepared and tasty, and the wine list is awesome.

When looking at the web-page design of Café Nizza, you can’t really get a good picture of what to expect. The logo is quite simple (a pizza place could have this as a sign), and there is not much information. It is word-of-mouth that brought us here I can tell you, not fancy marketing. When entering the restaurant, there is almost a Parisian feel: soft lighting, checked floors and small tables. The tables at the bar that have no white table cloths are for walk-ins, and for those who just want to pop in for a drink.

Focus is on good produce and a well balanced combinations for the palate. You can see there is some focus on the display of food, but the result still looks effortless. There is only one set menu for the evening, but I am sure that it is possible to adjust to special diets and allergies. Simple but chik!

The menu 22.2.2017

  • Burrata with Romesco, artichoke and bottarga
  • Angolotti with black truffle, celery root and parmesan
  • Back of cod with grapes, goats cheese and tarragon
  • (a selection of cheeses upon request)
  • Vanilla panna cotta with blood orange and pistachio

And what about the wines? Well, if your house champagne is Bereche & Fils, then you are on the right track. Café Nizza as many others focus on smaller producers. The drinks list is France-heavy, but so what, I like French wines. There are some wines also from Eastern Europe, which makes the selection a bit more interesting. I counted about twelve or thirteen wines by the glass. Prices for wine are high-ish, as always in Stockholm. If you go all in on the drinks, you will end up paying up to 1000kr per person. However, looking at value for money, it is still worth it!

Café Nizza on Åsögatan 171  is open seven days a week from lunch to midnight

xx Soile

Parisian feel
Greeting from the kitchen at Cafe Nizza
Burrata with Romesco, artichoke and bottarga
Back of cod with grapes, celery root and parmesan
Vanilla panna cotta with blood orange and pistachio
Madeleines to wrap up the evening


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