Wineweek 122: Weekend with Vegetables

If I can point out one food trend in Stockholm for the coming year, it is all vegan (or at least vegetarian) restaurants. I guess it is a natural follower for the eco-trend, and a good predecessor for eating insects (I have heard that there is already cricket-muesli). An all vegetable lunch or dinner is no longer for those who believe in the diet, but for all of us, who enjoy well made food. The uphill probably started already a year or two ago, but it is now that we main-streamers are picking it up. The latest, and most visible addition to the Stockholm restaurant scene is Rutabaga, star-chef Mathias Dahlgrens new all vegetarian restaurant.

The opening of Rutabaga has created a lot of excitement, as it is commonly expected that the famous chef is seeking to get a star. Mr. Dahlgren closed down his two-star Matsalen to make space for this new concept, and  there are not that many vegetarian restaurants with Michelin accreditation. I think I mentioned last week, that me and M even had a bit of a fight on which would be going to Rutabaga first, as a friend of ours had one free seat on his reservation. I won! Yay!

I will write more about Rutabaga in the coming week. Don’t want to spoil the excitement by revealing too much right now, but I can say that I left the restaurant happy (tipsy)and my tummy bulging.

We also had some interesting champagnes this week from Leclerc Briant, an old house that has been restarted after a decade of being closed down. We tried the NV Leclerc Briant Cuvée de Reserve, NV Les Chevres Prierreuses Premiere Cru and the 2007 Vintage Brut. All wines were produced with biodynamic practices and contained a very low level of sugar from2 to 4 g/liter. At first I was convinced that the middle one was my favorite, however the two others gained so much after having some air. I am not sure how good value for money the wines are with the entry level cuvee closing in on ~400kr per bottle. The 2007 is perhaps the best value with a bottle price of less than 500kr, however, that was not available yet at Systembolaget. The house of Leclerc Briant is located in Epernay, so next time we are in Champagne, we will definitely go and have a look.

xx Soile

Grand Hotel of Stockholm
The royal castle
At Rutabaga
Umeshu with tofu, lemon and roasted sesame seeds, and celery root, cucumber and lime with gin
Friend cucumber with green curry
Orange, olive oil and sea salt
The skating range at Kungsträdgården
Avocado on rhye at Klang market
The weather..

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