Wineweek 123: What it Means to Believe in Yourself

This weekend, I have using time on my travel guide on Tripsteri. Our great team of talented media-professionals (not talking about me) made it to the finale of a Finnish media innovation competition, Uutisraivaaja; we have signed a book deal for a series of printed travel books, and last and probably least I have a post coming out on Tuesday on the star studded Michelin-scene in Stockholm. I already wrote to you about that, but now I have some awesome pictures that will make you crave for a night out in the city

It feels like the travel site is now really picking up. Two years ago I remember being very nervous writing a sample text to the founders of Tripsteri. I had no real experience of journalism, no background in media, no merits that would look good on my application. I just had a dumb believe in myself and a love for the city I live in (and a good proof reader). I really believed that one can do anything if you just have some passion, and I have not ceased to believe in that up to this day. If you don’t try,  you don’t know, and I did not have anything to lose. I don’t embarrass easily, so that helps too. I still remember that great day when I received an email saying I was warmly welcome to the group. There is a lot of support and a positive vibe in the community, and today I am lucky to call many of these super Tripsters my friends.

It is quite obvious my guide is quite food and wine-heavy. I have written about specialty cafes, beer and local breweriesbakeries, ice cream as well as Stockholm as a wine destination. In two days there will be a piece on fine dining too. Sorry, the articles are only in Finnish, but go and have a quick look anyway. The guide is pretty and if people show interest I might translate it to English.

This weekend I have been browsing all day for photos to make the visual experience more engaging. As I love photos of good food, that’s what I ended up selecting, and I thought I would share the best ones with you.

xx Soile

12032017-oaxenkrog-interior3 Eric Olsson CC By 3.0
Oaxen Krog dining hall. Credits: Eric Olsson, Oaxen Krog, CC BY 3.0
26092014-Mathias Dahlgren at Matbaren Grand Hotel CC BY 3.0
Mathias Dahlgren in his kitchen at Matbaren. Credits:, CC BY 3.0
15122016-MathiasDahlgren_CC BY 3.0
Amouse at Rutabaga. Credits:, CC BY 3.0
05072015-Oaxen terassi-3
The terrace at Oaxen Slip. Credits Oaxen Krog & Slip, CC BY 3.0
Cocktail with Umeshu, tofu, lemon and sesame seeds
12092015-Oaxen Slip Alexander Kenney CC BY 3.0
The table setting at Oaxen Slip. Credits Alexander Kenney, Oaxen Krog & Slip, CC BY 3.0
Friend cucumber with green curry at Rutabaga
04022016-Oaxen Krog & Slip (3 of 39)
Cocktail at Oaxen Krog. Credits Oaxen Krog & Slip, CC BY 3.0
18062016-oaxenkrog-vitlav Magnus Ej CC BY 3.0
Dessert with berries and chocolate. Credits: Magnus Ek, Oaxen Krog & Slip, CC BY 3.0
Petit fours and madeleines
Lingonberry with lemon and merinque

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