At the Bakficka – Tyge & Sessil

In Sweden, a bakficka (back-pocket) is usually a small simple restaurant associated to a known, often fancy, restaurant. Many Michelin restaurants have bakfickas. It is a way for celebrity chefs to serve simple food for more reasonable prices. The back-pocket is always close to its mother, sometimes even sharing a kitchen and staff; they also always leave some space for walk-in customers. I love back-pockets. They are quite good value for money, and many of them have high ambitions with wine. Tyge & Sessil is the backficka of one-starred restaurant Ekstedt (where food is prepared on an open fire) located in Stockholms Östermalm and serving mainly ecological and nature wines from small producers. 

Tyge & Sessil call themselves a wine-cafe, and they clearly has some Parisian influences. The lights are low, volume is high and there is no structure. Nevertheless the service works very well, and if you lean close enough you can still speak with your drinking companion. The wine list is very interesting. Messy. But interesting. There are quite many nice whites from France (Bourgogne and Loire), Austria and Spain; an orange wine, and reds from France and eastern-Europe. What is quite fun as well is that the bar seems to always have some additional bottles open. So just ask what else is behind the counter and you can get your hands one some rare specials. The house Champagne is from Marie Courtin – what a wonderful choice.

Tyge & Sessil has a short menu of bar snacks: almonds, cheese, tartar and some sweets. I would not recommend attempting a full dinner there, as I think it will be a bit too little food, however you can hold of hunger for a long while. We tried the salted almonds, and they were indeed awesome (and the portion was quite big).

What is almost best at Tyge & Sessil is the staff. Regardless of the poor structure, they are always about with an eye out for those with an empty glass, knowledgeable and professional. I really get the feeling that they want everyone to have a good time. That does so much.

xx Soile

Be prepared to sit communal
Marie Courtin Champagne
Bar snacks menu
Austrian Furmint in the glass
A small taster to start with
Pouring the Furmint
Jura white and red from Czech.republinc

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