Wineweek 125: A walk through Amsterdam

This week I have not been posting much. Why? Because it has been awesome weather and I have been busy walking around in Amsterdam. 15 degrees Celsius and blue skies is a blessing in March. At least for a Finn (and a Swede), so I have not even opened my computer or email. After a long, dark winter, all that vitamin D is so welcome. I also had no idea that Amsterdam is such a Mecca for foodies. We enjoyed great, inexpensive wines and interesting restaurants; walked on the scenic canals nursing coffee and fresh croissants; and slept in to catch up on the sleep deprivation known well to parents of small children.

However, back to what I said about great wines. Amsterdam is going through a boom of nature wines. Maybe it is just coincidence, or the types of restaurants we tend to choose, but we had trouble sticking to just a few glasses of wine because there were so many interesting options to choose from. Additionally, an average price for a glass of good wine was around 7 euros. Ding dong! You do not even get the cheapest glass of (disgusting) house wine for that price in Sweden. The result: maybe we ended up having quite a lot of wine. But thinking about it afterwards, there was just one glass during the whole trip that was disappointing. Conclusion: totally worth it!

Which restaurants did we visit then? For great nature wines, I can recommend restaurant Choux and Glouglou wine bar. Choux was also a very good place to go for food. Just check out the pictures below. Glouglou is more of a Parisian wine bar with some simple snacking food. They have a very inspiring wine list with the most expensive glass of wine being 9.5 euros. Unfortunately, it is also very popular with the locals, so getting a table requires arriving there early (around 17:00 on a Friday).

Another interesting experience I want to mention was our visit to restaurant C (as for Celsius). Their menu is organized by preparation temperature from -20C to +200C. When booking the table, we were not sure if the restaurant would be more interesting than good, but luckily, we were in for a positive surprise. What was most impressive there was that the open kitchen at C were able to mix quite many different genres of food, and still make everything taste awesome. We had some icy, raw tuna with Thai salad and sake, as well as BBG beef prepared in 200C. The ambience was a bit too clubby, but the seats at the bar overlooking the kitchen were very nice and comfortable.

More on Amsterdam the coming week. I have a camera full of pictures that I cannot wait to start editing. However, if the weather gods stay kind to us, I might opt to be out taking pictures instead.

xx Soile

Breakfast and awesome coffee at Back to Black coffee roasters
Stewed pear dessert at restaurant C
Building my own easter egg carton with Tony’s Chocolonely
Cherry blossoms in Amsterdam
People enjoying the sun
Walking on the canals of Amsterdam
At Back to Black coffee roasters
Evening walk to the hotel
Everyones happy at Glouglou wine bar
Koala Republic coffee shop was not officially open
Pouring red at restaurant Choux
Squid with oyster sauce and shubarb
Food art at restaurant Choux
Orange wine welcoming us to Amsterdam


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