Amsterdams Finest – Restaurant Choux

Finally its time to start unraveling our great food trip to Amsterdam, and I would like to start with the finest: Restaurant Choux. The word choux is French and it means cabbage. It gives a little hint on the theme, Choux is what one might call vegetable forward. There is meat on the menu, but it does not play the leading role. Choux also houses an awesome selection of nature wines.The ambiance at Choux is very relaxed; a little bit artsy and ascetic, but still warm. We arrived to the restaurant a bit before our reservation, but learned quickly that our table was not nearly ready. It would be around fifteen to twenty minutes wait, if not even more. This is when we had our firs positive experience: the waiter apologized directly and offered us a free glass of wine while we waited in the lobby (there were armchairs and sofas). And not just any cheap house wine, but whatever we fancied from the “by the glass” list. Most wines were quite inexpensive, so our wish was not costly to accommodate. After a while we also received some small entrees on the house, which was even a step further than I would expect a (casual) restaurant to go. The service at this point felt excellent, and luckily our good luck just continued.

There are eight different courses on the menu to choose from, six of them are savory and two sweet. One can either choose a mix of three or four courses (36€ or 44€) or a tasting menu of seven or eight courses (50€ or 60€). The tasting menus consist of smaller portions from the same list. As me and M are extremely comfortable eating off each others plates, we just ordered two times four courses and selected different plates. That is kind of the same as doing the eight course menu, but just 25% cheaper. But anyhow, both options are possible. A matching wine flight costs seven euros per course (so cheap compared to Stockholm).

The food was very good and the wines super interesting, but what lingers on my mind is the awesome service. The food came at a comfortable pace, our wine glasses were never empty and the staff were warm and genuinely interested in our experience at the restaurant. We even met one of the waiters at a coffee place the day after and he was very keen to hear what we thought. The damage amounted to around 65 euros per head and we left the restaurant feeling stuffed an happy. We chatted on the way back to the hotel that Choux would for sure have a star if it were just located in France (we might have an opinion that they hand out stars a bit too easy there).

xx Soile

Orange wine welcoming us to Amsterdam
Wine flight at Choux was only 7 euros a glass
Food art at restaurant Choux
Squid with oyster sauce and shubarb
Fish with red onion and cress
Pouring red
Goats cheese dessert


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