Amsterdam and Nature Wines at Glouglou Wine Bar

For years M has been going monthly to Amsterdam for business trips. He tends to call me in the evenings, while sitting at Glouglou wine bar; and he tells me he has a great glass of nature wine in front of him. He is the kind of guy who is not bothered to sit and eat or drink alone. And after visiting Glouglou, I can understand what draws him to this place. It is a simple and warmhearted wine bar, with friendly staff and awesome wine list. We arrived to Glouglou on a Friday around six o’clock, and the place was packed. We were lucky to be able to squeeze in on a corner of a table already occupied by another party. At Glouglou, everybody makes space; no chair should be left cold. After a peak at the wine list, we already had three to four options on our mind that we wanted to try. We would not leave just to a few glasses that night. Too much exciting stuff available. The staff also open random bottles every day which cannot be found on the list. I think that’s always fun to ask what else is hidden behind the bar. I think those wines are for the real geeks who know to ask after them.

As I mentioned in some previous posts, wine prices in Amsterdam really blew my hat off. The most expensive glass of wine at Glouglou was less than 10 euros; and this is a bit of a better place for wine. Afterwards I heard, that an average Dutch person will not pay more then three euros for a glass of wine at a restaurant. Wow.

Glouglou also had some nice looking bar snack available, but we did not have any as we were on our way to dinner after. But I could imagine sitting there all evening snacking on some chark and cheese, sipping on wine and enjoying the positive atmosphere. What I like about the Netherlands is that people do not seem to be in a hurry anywhere. Perhaps that is why they are so happy.

xx Soile

P.S. Glouglou is also a wine shop; so if you like what is in your glass, you can buy a bottle to take home.

Radicon orange wine from Friuli
Everyones happy at Glouglou wine bar

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