Wineweek 126: Sunday Funday

This weekend has been sunny again. So guess how high my motivation has been to sit inside and write? Zero. So here it comes in very short, with some sunny pictures making Stockholm look like an awesome place to live (it is). 

We walked in Hornstull, enjoying the afternoon sun; drank fresh and crispy, low alcohol beers orange peel and M made food with his new toy, the sous-vide. The pictures in the end are taken last Monday at our wine cellar, Magnusson Fine Wines, when restaurant Koka from Göteborg was hosting a pop-up kitchen (must write more about that). When you cant go to the Michelin-restaurant (we are so rarely in Göteborg), let the Michelin-restaurant come to you. Like Mohammed and the mountain (smirk). Really awesome food, and even more awesome to meet the head chef himself and talk about skinny French chickens. The topic came up when a friend told me he intends to buy a few to roam free at his house.

More about Koka and final Amsterdam tips to come next week. But for now, good night!

xx Soile

At Hornstulls marknad where all the food trucks congregate
The crepe food truck
Enjoying the afternoon sunset at Hornstull
Daisys Sunshine deli
The floating bar, Loopen is open again
Fresh berliner style beer with orange peel
At Magnusson pouring some Larmandier-Bernier
Blackberries and bark cookie with whipped juniper cream
Rhubarn with goats cheese and cola

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