Pop-up Restaurant by Koka

I love our wine cellar Magnusson Fine Wines. It is the kind of friendly place, where people love wine, but you do not feel like you should know the name of every village in the German appellation of Alsace. People chat with each other and are generous with recommendations. The owner, Johan Magnusson, arranges wine trips and pop-up dinner by talked-about restaurant sin Sweden. There is always something happening at the cellar. We feel we get quite good value for the money we have invested in having a space for our wines there.

There is a pop-up dinner at the cellar almost every month, but this was the first time during a whole year we booked a spot. The pop-up dinners tend to cost more than a dinner at the restaurant its self, but you win by being able to drink your own wines. Koka, is a starred restaurant in Göteborg, and we felt that this was a great opportunity to enjoy their cooking right at our home turf.

So let me tell you a bit about the setup. The menu was set (see pictures below for details).  Six courses where one could not choose anything else than the full menu (and why would you even want to have less). Of course there was the possibility to take into account food allergies. The menu was published up to a month before the dinner, so the guests could choose the wines to take out of their cellars. Every course was accompanied by a wine (-style) recommendation. However, our host Johan, just said not to focus on the recommendation too much, but to see this as a perfect opportunity to open something nice. And that we did. We chose a 2006 Larmandier-Bernier Grand Cru Vieilles Vigne de Cramant Blanc de Blanc for the aperitif and Big Far, Pinot Noir to go with the mains.

The food was cooked and served by the Michelin-starred chef himself, Björn Persson. He was very friendly and genuinely interested in chatting with everybody during the meal. I love it when chefs stay to chat or at least come and say hello. I was hoping for a selfie with Björn, but then he just slipped out when I was taking out my cellphone.

The food was absolutely wonderful, with every dish bringing something new to the experience. Six courses was just perfect. Koka is located in Göteborg, where we seldom travel to. So it was perfect that the restaurant came to us instead of us having to go to the restaurant. And its kind of cozy to be at our wine cellar, where we know the staff and the guests have very similar interests. I think we will sign up for some more dinners this year. Now I will cross my fingers that Fäviken makes a guest visit some day. Enjoy the delicious pictures!

xx Soile

Larmandier-Bernier vintage 2008
Lamb from Bitterna with mashed potatoes on gray pea sprouts in hibiscus vinaigrette
Mushrooms with chicory, pumpkin seeds and flowering quince
Salted white fish with celery in oyster cream and algaesalt
Big Farm Pinot Noir
Rhubarn with goats cheese and cola
Blackberries and bark cookie with whipped juniper cream

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